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I would like to thank all of you for the support you have given me so far. It’s been about 4 and a half months since kulanini began. (That intro just sounded like the intro to a sobriety class). Anyway, I am extremely grateful to God for all that He has enabled me to achieve, my family, and of course you guys who have constantly encouraged me, and made it all happen! Asanteni sana. I hope the kulanini family continues to grow even bigger! Special shout out to my Instagram family (@kulanini) (see here) for having reached 420 plus followers. Thank you so much!

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As promised, this is a follow up post to my previous restaurant post featuring J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen in Westlands. In case you missed it, you can find it here.

J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen has two branches. One in Karen and another in Westlands. I visited the Westlands branch that is on Muthangari Drive.

I was asked by a kulanini fan, what kind of people often frequent this bar? I unfortunately, didn’t have an answer as I visited J’s during the day for lunch. If there is anyone out there who has been to J’s at night, and knows what the night life is like, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Thank you.

I don’t know whether I mentioned this but; despite being a bar, they unfortunately do not sell sheesha.

The Food menu is impressively extensive, and caters for almost everyone except kids. They have amazing dishes that are well balanced. One thing I didn’t like about the menu was that, it was a clipboard with the menu printed on papers and clipped to it. I mean, it may change often (I don’t know), but maybe they should get an option that is more durable and presentable. If they like the clipboards, then that is okay. Just maintain the pages so they are always neat and clean.

The menu can best be summarised as follows:

  • Starters range 600/= to 800/= They have no beef starter but have 4 out of 9 fish based starters. I found this rather strange and would have liked at least one beef starter. However, there are chicken as well as vegetarian options.
  • Salads are between 900/= to 1100/=. Well, I haven’t tasted them but, this is RIDICULOUSLY high for a salad because a restaurant in the same class has its cheapest mains at that cost. Anyway, salad lovers, there you go.
  • J’s have about 11 pizzas to choose from ranging 850/= to 1000/=. There are also calzones (italian folded pizzas) that go for 1100/=.
  • The mains are very extensive. They have fish, lamb, chicken, vegetarian dishes, steak, pork and burgers ranging 1100/= to 1500/=. The most expensive item is a steak at 2000/=.
  • Desserts include; chocolate cake, pie, pudding, banana bread and chocolate brownie. These range between 450/= to 650/=.
  • Drinks are 150/= for soda or water which retails at the same; while fresh juice is 300/=
  • Despite the menu above, they also have a SPECIAL BRUNCH menu served between 10:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m on both Saturday and Sunday. Brunch items range from 550/= to 1100/=.

For a deeper analysis of the menu, I have inserted pictures below. Click to enlarge.

J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen only uses Kienyeji eggs which I found to be pretty amazing! Well done J’s.

My mum had lime and ginger juice (the white-cream-pale one you will see in other pictures) while I had passion juice. Unfortunately, my passion juice was too dilute/watery so I didn’t enjoy it too much. My mums’ was great! I would recommend the lemon-ginger. The best thing about these juices is that they are served with amazing paper straws! Shout out to J’s for being unique and taking a step towards eliminating plastic straws!

For the food, my dad ordered the J’s ultimate Chuck Steak Burger with homemade paprika fries (1300/=) while I ordered Chicken Parmigiana (chicken breast topped with cheese) with a side of fries (1200/=). My brother and mum ordered the same thing: Pork Ribs with Fries (1400/=).

J’s fries (chips) are very unique; in that, they have a sort of dried look (loved it) but are very crispy and soft on the inside. Moreover, the fries are seasoned with paprika; breaking the monotonous yellow colour beautifully. By far, these are my best fries ever! Well done J’s.

My dads burger was awesome! Nice, big and well filled. Unfortunately, he pressed the burger before I took a picture… (He was actually pressing it down in the above picture). I recall him being pretty hungry. In fact, the burger below has a bite!

Despite my dad always going for pretty simple meals, he gave this burger a shot and did not regret it one bit. He literally cleared it all! You know how you could leave the bread and remove the meat because the veggies, meat and sauce is not evenly distributed?  Well, not this one. It was really good. Fresh veggies (lettuce, onion, pickles), not too much sauce, juicy meat, great portion.

My mum and brothers’ ribs had a great presentation and an even better taste! The barbeque sauce was great and the pork was cooked very well. It was juicy and tender and tore off the bone very well.

There was also a red cabbage salad on the side that was delicious! This meal was awesome but the portion could have been a bit more generous.

Finally, my chicken Parmigiana was the best! It was a chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. The chicken was bread-crumbed and had an amazing flavour. The marination was on point!

My meal came with a delicious, fresh sautee of vegetables (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and french beans). My mum ate the half of it because of how nice it was. Actually, you could ask for them to switch your red cabbage salad to this one if you prefer these veggies. Plus it was a bit better. My plate had an amazing butternut sauce presentation. The presentation may have been good but the taste of the sauce was a bit bland.

All in all, the food had amazing presentation especially with the wooden boards as plates. The portions could have been slightly bigger especially for the ribs. The cost I would say was more on the higher side; even if we consider ambience, taste and location.

I would recommend this place to you all. Head over to J’s and try out their food and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Has any of you been there? Share your experience with the kulanini family!

Thank you so much for stopping by and remember to keep bringing a friend along to these posts; so kulanini can reach as many people as possible!

That’s all I had for today. Until next time, Asanteni sana!

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    Great presentation… Love it love it love it!!!!

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