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This is the post following the latest one on The Garden Restaurant and Bar. Before we get into it, here is their Chinese food menu. In addition to this menu, they also have a continental menu for those who aren’t huge Chinese food fans.

Do you remember the last Asian food post we did? It was a menu tasting at Pan Asian Yao in Gigiri. While at The Garden Restaurant & Bar, we had a few drinks as we waited for our food.

A cocktail (Cosmopolitan) and a mocktail (Virgin mojito). The virgin mojito was a refreshing burst of sugar syrup, lime juice and sparkling water. For 350/=, I thought this was pretty incredible. It had a beautiful yellow colour that was sharply contrasted by the green mint. The bitter-sweet lime juice was perfectly balanced with the sugar syrup, making it ‘not too sweet’.

The Lotos Cosmopolitan has triple sec, vodka, orange zest and lime juice and goes for 600/=. Even without knowing what is in it, the red colour and tall cosmo glass is enough to sell! You know how some places offer you heavily iced cocktails with a drop of alcohol and a lot of juice/ sugar syrup? Lotos takes part in no such scams.

This cocktail was the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. In fact, the whole cocktail was consistent in taste and was very smooth on the tongue. Some cocktails normally have the alcohol at the bottom alone. How hard is it to mix/shake it well before serving it to your customers?’

Bottom line, Lotos drinks have to be the best I have had in a while. I would easily compare them to Artcaffe and Argenti cocktails. Speaking of, there is an exciting post coming up on the newly opened Argenti Lounge, their cocktails and bitings! Remember the restaurant and food post?

See their happy hour deal:


The Lotos vegetable bun looks like a dumpling. It is filled with greens (probably kale or spinach. I couldn’t quite tell), and then steamed. I liked the simplicity of the dish but thought the greens could be a little more. The casing was too thick and the filling too little. This made it a bit dry in my mouth. Thank God for those delicious Chinese sauces that I drizzled all over my dumplings! Then again, maybe that’s how Chinese buns are.

For 400/=, you get 4 buns. Sweet deal, right?

I have never liked spring rolls. In fact, I have only ever encountered vegetable spring rolls. I actually don’t have a valid reason for my dislike. I think this was the first time I have genuinely enjoyed a spring roll. It was really tasty. Nonetheless, I wished there was more chicken and a deeper chicken flavour marination. The roll tasted fresh and was delicious! Each goes for 100/=.

Are you a huge fan of soups? I love soup but I often find myself sticking to butternut. According to soup lovers, butternut soup fans don’t make the cut to join the soup club since, nearly everyone loves butternut. To qualify for that title, you need something like this – Thai spicy prawns soup @ 450/=. Let the cost not fool you. It is loaded with chilli (hence the name thai), lots of different spices and actual prawn pieces. During this cold weather, I would call it the ultimate body warmer. Not only is your tongue set ablaze, but also, your body, from all those incredible flavours. Remember the lobster bisque at 45 Degrees Kitchen? Seems like sea-food soup is catching on!

Seafood has the biggest fans and the most passionate haters. It’s no lie that the seafood flavour is very much present in this dish. Therefore, only proceed if you like seafood and specifically prawns like me. The rest of you can try some of their other soups. One thing I would have preferred is a thicker soup. This one was a bit too light for my liking. Then again, I believe clear soup is almost always light.

Boneless chicken with rice has to be a match made in heaven. The Garden Restaurant has both! They call their boneless chicken made with cashew nuts, leeks and peppers – Gong Bao. I thought the dish would come with a little sauce but instead, it is fried dry with no sauce. For those who like swimming pieces of food, then I suggest you ask for a dish with some sauce or soup. Not Gong  Bao.

That not withstanding, this dish was delicious! The chicken was thoroughly cooked and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. I was worried the nut flavour would over-power the chicken but it didn’t!

My absolute favourite was this beef with green pepper and potato @ 880/=. The beef was tender and well marinated giving an incredible texture and flavour. The potatoes weren’t just put in this dish. They actually had the flavour of the meat and were well cooked. It had it’s own sauce so it wasn’t too dry. I loved it. You guys must try this when you visit the Garden Restaurant.

If you have been following Kulanini for a while, you know that vegetarian dishes can be pretty delicious. This sizzling vegetables dish happens to be one of them! At 650/=, you get a stir fry of carrots, onions, peppers, broccoli, babycorn and corn packed with flavour and served piping hot! If I had chapati with these vegetables, I would have been so happy. They actually serve chapati, so next time I will definitely ask for some or even have it with plain steamed rice.

Some of the accompaniments we were sampling these dishes with include: Vegetable fried rice noodles @ 400/=. Yes! They are gluten-free (not made from wheat) and taste just as incredible as normal noodles. These particular ones are stir-friend with carrot sticks and peppers. I thought the colour combination looked beautiful and my taste buds agreed with my eyes!

Foo yong pork is 880/=. Well, essentially, this is an omelette with pork. I don’t quite know how different the preparation differs from a normal omelette if it does. The look of it isn’t too interesting, but I guarantee, you’ll be glad you put that spoon-full of egg and pork in your mouth. Pork is tender and has quite a subtle flavour. This dish makes sure both the egg and pork shine on their own. There are other variations with mushrooms, chicken, prawns, vegetables and even beef! If you like eggs, you will love this dish! Not quite sure it is worth 880/= since the meat isn’t as much.

The last time I had tofu was here. The Garden Restaurant has quite a few tofu dishes that all sound delicious. The tofu with black bean and chilli sauce goes for 650/= and is a hearty serving of tofu in a delicious thick sauce. I am not a huge tofu fan but I preferred the one from Pan Asian Yao. I thought the vegetables should have been anything but broccoli since the tofu pieces were already pretty large. How many of you like tofu? Let me know your experience in the comment section below!

Another accompaniment we had was the egg fried rice @ 350/=. Have you really been to a Chinese restaurant if you haven’t had Egg fried rice? This is the one Chinese dish I have to have as an accompaniment. Come rain, come sunshine. This one in particular was great! The rice grains were well seperated, and the amount of egg was just right! Egg lovers like me, may have wished for a bit more but, that’s just my greed getting in the way!

Finally, for dessert, we had the Chinese pumpkin cake @ 400/= for 4. These ones in particular are coated in seasame seeds to give a ‘sim-sim’ like taste. I don’t think I have ever had pumpkin in my adult life. Therefore, I didn’t know what to expect. I urge pumpkin & sim-sim lovers to try it and let us know what they think!

That’s all I had for you today! 


Win a chance to eat at The Garden Restaurant with a friend. Tell me in the comment section below: how many menu items there are, in their Chinese food menu (anything before the soft drinks section).

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5 thoughts on “Food @ The Garden Restaurant – Westlands.

  1. Suzie A Odhiambo says:

    Hey Kulanini 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️,,, I’m a sucker for everything Chinese food and I’d really really love to dine at the Garden Restaurant.

    On their Chinese menu they have 16 food items which are
    1.Dim Sum , where we can choose from 10 different dim sums
    2.Chinese BBQ , with 2 varieties to choose from
    3.Starters, where 14 choices are provided
    4.Soup, with 13 flavours to choose from
    5.Chicken, with 12. different chicken delicacies to pick from
    6.Beef, with 10 different beef choices
    7.Pork, with 6 pork choices
    8.Seafood, where 9 choices are provided
    9.Lamb, where 2 varieties are available
    10.Vegatables, with 21 options
    11.Foo Yong, with 6 options
    12.Noodles, with 5 different options
    13.Rice Noodles, with 5 options
    14.Rice , with 7 options
    15.Dessert with 6 options and finally
    16.Bites with 18 selections

    Followed all the qualifying steps! Love and light 🎉

    • Thank you so much for participating. Your answer is correct! You win this giveaway. Kindly contact us for further details. Thank you.

  2. Juliet says:

    This has really come in handy. I was looking for a hidden jewel. I think I found it.

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