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I visited Fonda Nbo Mexican Restaurant at Rosslyn Riviera Mall on Limuru Road and shared my restaurant experience with you here. Today, we are going on the food journey to see all they have to offer! Join me on this escapade!

They have an offer nearly everyday:

Their menu can be found on their website here.

I had the famous Mexican aguas frescas drinks as I waited for my food. They are cool fresh drinks that can be made from fruits or horchata (rice milk/oat milk). The fresh fruit ones go for 300/= while the horchata go for 350/=. I had a horchata and an agua tamarindo (tamarind based) one. Fonda serves them in clay cups and loads them with ice-cubes making them super refreshing!

The horchata is basically a rice and oatmeal beverage served with or without milk. Mine came with milk and it was quite a new taste! I can’t say my taste-buds went crazy for it since I don’t quite like tart-tastes. However, for someone who doesn’t mind the taste of things like injeera (Eritrean flatbread), oats or porridge, then I guarantee, you will love this drink! For those with a sweet tooth like me, then I highly recommend a fruit-based one.

Agua tamarindo is much sweeter since it is made from tamarind. Tamarind juice is the famous ukwaju in Swahili. The drink is sweet, thick and of course very cold. Its like a lighter and less sweet slushee. I reckon you should give it a shot.

Their extensive drinks menu definitely makes me want to go back to try what I did’t. The margaritas have to be at the top of my list.


For starters, I had: Tamales de elote @ 450/=, aguachile de cameron @ 800/= and quesadilla @ 550/=. Tamales de elote is a traditional Mexican dish made from fresh, young corn. The traditional way of serving it is by wrapping in corn husks or plantain leaves. Fonda, however, does away with this part and simply serves the mashed, steamed corn cake on a plate with salsa verde (green sauce made from tomatillo) and salsa roha (made from tomatoes). Tomatillo is different from tomato in that: it is harder and is green in colour.

The taste was very interesting. I really liked it. The corn was a combination of soft and crunch and the sauces were thick, sweet and spicy – topped off with crema (cream). The fresh salad on top was fresh and just as delicious as it looked! Have you ever had ‘bitez’ or ‘amigos’ or any other corn snack? This is the closest texture I could relate it to.

Aguachile de cameron is shrimp and totopos. The fresh shrimp is marinated in chilli and lime (We all know how lime and seafood are a perfect combination!) It is then placed in between cucumber, red onions and green pepper and topped with an avocado and chilli (poblano) puree. This dish is definitely for those who appreciate their tongue being set ablaze.

There is a lime and chilli sauce at the bottom of the bowl too! Fonda serves this speciality with the famous Mexican totopos. These are day old tortillas that have been fried to make tortilla crisps. This came from the fact that Mexicans never want to waste food and so they came up with a way to re-use tortillas that were not eaten the previous day. Talk about being economical!

The dish was very fresh. I think all sea-food lovers would appreciate this Mexican variation of shrimp. I had actually never had shrimp until then. All the ingredients came together perfectly to complement the totopo. A totopo on it’s own is rather bland and dry. Therefore, the guacamole definitely made an awesome accompaniment for it!

You get to choose which filling you would like in your quesadilla. I had mine with bistec filling. This is stir-fried steak with herbs, garlic and oaxaca cheese. The quesadilla comes with a side peanut sauce and a jalapeno sauce. Both of which, are very tasty. I felt the jalapeno sauce was my favourite since it wasn’t too hot but extremely delicious. For those who aren’t too tolerant with chilli, I highly recommend this sauce as it closely resembles a green pepper (hoho) most are used to.

Quesadilla is your typical tortilla (corn-chapati) that has been roasted and filled. You can choose chicken, mushroom, fish, pork or even a vegetarian filling. To me, it tasted even better than a pizza. It was moist, cheesy, soft and had a generous filling that was tender and very well marinated. Salisha, the marketing director, reckons kids love it! I guess I confirmed to her that we can all be children at heart sometimes.


I tried a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. Chile relleno de picadillo vegetariano @ 1,100/= was the vegetarian dish. It is a chilli (poblano) filled with queso oaxaca cheese and vegetables. Avocado poblano sauce, pickled onions and a passion fruit reduction are also served with this meal. The accompaniments include mexican rice, refried beans and tortillas. Pretty heavy. Right?

The mexican rice was the best rice I have had in a while. The red colour from the tomatoes and other spices makes it not only delicious but also visually appealing. It was well cooked and perfectly seasoned. I think I would carry a whole tin of this rice back home if I could. The beans had a generous dollop of cheese right at the centre. I have met many people who say they can’t dare eat beans because of the stomach issues they experience afterwards.

Personally, I have always liked beans. What my mum says is that they have to be soaked overnight (in water) for them to be good. For this reason, I never get any issues when I eat beans from home. I presume Fonda has adopted the same measure because I had no stomach issue. On that note, I can go ahead to say they have spicy beans in a thick sauce that provide a superb mexican combination when put on the tortilla with rice. You have to try it and let me know your thoughts!

As I had earlier mentioned, a tortilla is the equivalent of a chapati made from corn. It is light and very delicious. You could easily down over 5 without really noticing it. Despite being a bit grainy when compared to a wheat flour chapati, I would say, this is an equally delicious alternative for those allergic to wheat.

The star of the show: poblano chilli was spectacular. Vegetables of peas, corn and carrots cooked to absolute perfection and cheese fill it up. Smooth, creamy avocado puree complements the soft cheese and makes the dish very flavourful and moist. It is recommended that you take a scoop of the chilli, rice and beans and place on top of the tortilla for an absolute Mexican experience.

I forgot all about the beautiful pickled onions. Pickled means they were left to sit in vinegar for some time. This process reduced the sharp taste of the onions and left them mild, firm & well seasoned. Despite the main dish being made from chilli, it wasn’t very hot. Just like the jalapeno sauce, this poblano too wasn’t too spicy. Just mild.

My non-vegetarian dish was carne asada @ 1800/=. Marinated, grilled steak with Mexican chimichuri (uncooked sauce for grilled meat made fom oil, herbs & spices). Just like the vegetarian dish, this one comes with beans, rice and 3 tortillas. I therefore won’t talk about those three again. I must say however, that this is the largest portion of beef I have ever received in a restaurant. This was only 1800/= and the portion was so generous. I really appreciated this and will not be buying beef from anywhere else anymore.

Have you ever seen how some restaurants price their steak as high as 2000/= only for you to be given a a quarter of the portion you mentally expected? It’s so annoying! Well done Fonda. Apart from the generous portion, the meat was superb! It was extremely tender and had a delicious marination! I can’t quite describe how amazing this steak went with the mild chimichurri sauce. You must go and try it for yourself. Let’s not forget it came with a fresh, crunchy salad on top, Mexican rice, re-fried beans and tortillas that made it a huge meal! Are you up for the challenge? As if that wasn’t enough, there was guacamole below the meat. You know how Mexicans like their avocado!

Dessert was a flavour bomb! I had paletas @ 300/= each and churros @ 550/=. Paletas are ice-lollies made from fresh fruit juice. There are over 9 flavours for you to choose from at Fonda. Tamarind, strawberries & cream, avocado, watermelon & lime, passion fruit cream, pineapple, roasted banana, lime & biscuit and mango habanero.

I had the mango habanero and the lime & biscuit. Have you ever put chilli on a mango and experienced the sweet and sour taste? Well, that is exactly what they were going for with this flavour! The sweet mango is mixed in with hot habanero peppers. The cold lolly contrasts the hot chilli in your throat and the sweet mango creates a bridge between the two. It was amazing. I could eat chilli like that any day!

Next was lime and biscuit. The lime was made with fresh lime making the flavour very bold and accurate. The biscuit was then crashed and used to coat the stick. You get smooth,sweet, crunchy and sour all at once. I think this would suit any child and even a grown up! We are all children at heart. Aren’t we?

Churros was the last item of the day. This dessert made me want to have the whole experience again. Hands-down, the best churros in town! They are filled with caramel at the centre, rolled in sugar and served with chocolate. Guys, I guarantee you, it doesn’t get any better than this!

It was surprisingly not too sweet but very delicious. A churro is a fried dough normally piped into hot oil. The piping bag tip gives that unique shape and the length is determined by how long you press the dough out. Have you ever had a churro?

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Let me know if you’ve ever had any of the unique Mexican items mentioned in this post.

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