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As promised, this is the food post for Captain’s Terrace. I am sure you have seen the restaurant post: here. I visited Captain’s with two vloggers: Ess and Jess and had an absolutely amazing experience!

The menu is below:

To start us off, we ordered some beverages. Jess had white wine (450/=) and Ess, red wine (450/=). I had a virgin mojito mocktail @ 350/=. We wanted to try a couple of their mocktails but most were unfortunately unavailable. Hopefully when you go, this won’t be the case.

I won’t talk much about the wine because that has nothing to do with Captain’s and everything to do with the manufucturer. I will however talk about the mocktail I had. It went down so fast. It was the perfect balance between sweet and sour, and had just the right amount of ice. It was like a perfect lemonade.

I am not quite sure I would bring my child here. The ambience, menu and even the setting is pretty ‘mature’. This may make it a bit boring for a child. Then again, if your child appreciates views and doesn’t need to run around all the time, then by all means, visit the place with them! (forgot to say that in the restaurant post.)

For our starters we had Spicy Chicken Wings and Arancinis. The wings were 500/=, while the arancinis were not costed. Allow me to explain. The restaurant is in the process of adding a few items to their menu and therefore, offered us a few of these items to review.

Arancinis are stuffed rice, cheese & vegetable balls, coated in bread-crumbs and then deep-fried. In this case, the cheese was mozzarella. These balls make for a perfect vegetarian starter! The rice, cheese and vegetables were all in perfect quantities; allowing each ingredient to be tasted and appreciated on its own.

I liked that they were not oily but still very soft and moist on the inside. The side sauce provided was not too necessary but provided an even better arancini experience. They serve these large cheesy rice balls on a bed of lettuce, alongside cucumbers & fennel leaves and give a thick house-made tomato sauce!

The Spicy Chicken wings go for 500/= for about 6 large saucy wings. The wings are prepared in a unique way. Captain’s Terrace makes sure you get your money’s worth!

They heavily batter/bread-crumb the wings to a crispy state; making them three times their original size, then coat the wings in a thick house-made tomato sauce (similar to what we had as a side sauce for our arancini), and finally garnish with coriander leaves. This makes it filling & makes it taste 10 times better than tiny pieces of hard to reach chicken meat in dripping bottled sauce, for a ridiculous price. Well done Captains! Those wings were just the right amount of sweet, chilli and sauce.

Pro-tip: Don’t order this on a first-date or an interview. It gets pretty messy. Then again, don’t worry too much, it is definitely worth the mess when it reaches your mouth. MMMMHHH

For our Main Meal, we had chicken, fish and beef! Like the arancini, the beef isn’t on the menu yet, but will be soon! The beef came in the form of a large sandwich – Panini (spicy beef panini) and is served with french fries and a fresh garden salad.

This sandwich was nothing short of amazing. It had red peppers (hoho), onions and some cheese. Can you believe that’s all it had, and it still tasted amazing? I guess simplicity is the key. The bread, was fresh and soft and well toasted.

Once this item does make it to the menu, I only recommend people who can handle heat to order it! It is pretty hot. The meat s actually very spicy; just like the name suggests. However, it isn’t too spicy to make you forget about what your eating. It is in a perfect quantity; allowing one to still enjoy the flavour of the moist, tender meat.

The french fries were the really thin type (matchstick fries) and were cooked very well. They were not soggy with oil but remained firm. I also liked that they were well seasoned with salt and paprika.

The salad was fresh, crunchy and was dressed in a delicious salad dressing. Lettuce, cucumber, peppers, onions and the vinegar dressing, all came together to make the salad a flavour success!

Next was the chicken. They served a meal known as Classic Milanese Cotoletta @ 1,400/=. This is a fancy name for Parmesan crusted chicken fillet. This meal was served with mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetables of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and french beans. I would have preferred it with a bit more flavour and maybe tossed in a little oil to give a nice crunch. That not withstanding, the vegetables were very fresh and tasted good.

The mashed potatoes were the star of this dish. They were smooth, creamy, generously portioned, and had an amazing flavour. They sprinkled some nutmeg and another spice I couldn’t quite identify, to make them delicious.

The chicken was marinated with parmesan cheese and lemon, then bread-crumbed evenly. It wasn’t oily at all, so I suspect it was grilled. It was packed with flavour and even served with a lemon wedge; to sprinkle on the chicken when eating. Personally, I like my chicken a bit moist, and so felt this one should have left the pan a little earlier. Nonetheless, it was an amazing dish.

The fish was the last main course dish we had. They call it Zanzibar Crusted Snapper. It goes for 1,400/= and is served with roast potatoes and the same seasonal vegetables that came with the chicken and tartar sauce for the fish. This dish was rated top!

The roast potatoes cut it close when compared to the mash potatoes but still took the trophy home! The potatoes were roasted to perfection & all were evenly cooked. They were then tossed in fried red peppers and coriander (dhania); giving an amazing flavour.

The fish was even better! It was coated in coconut flakes, well seasoned, and cooked to perfection. It was moist, flavourful and all the good things in between. The lemon flavour, coconut flakes and tartar sauce on the side, crowned the whole experience. The dish was done in seconds.

For dessert, we all had mini fruit pancakes with orange syrup. The pancakes were like burger buns to a fruit burger. the diced fruits of watermelon, apple, mango and pineapple were tossed in fresh mint leaves and put in between the well -cooked pancakes, before being drizzled with sweet orange syrup.

I loved the creativity of this dessert and the texture contrast between the pancakes and the fruits. I’d call it fruit salad with a twist. Like the panini, this dessert is not on the menu yet.

I know many people rely on Kulanini for the cost of meals. I hope in a few weeks they will have these items up on the menu. In fact,you guys could keep checking and if you eventually see these items, then you could let me know!

Notice how many menu items had breadcrumbs. In fact, all had an element of wheat! Anyone who supplies breadcrumbs, wheat flour or bread, can be their supplier! Just kidding! A huge Thank you to Captain’s Terrace for hosting us and allowing us to be part of the menu tasting!

That’s all I had for you today! I hope you liked this post. My friends Ess and Jess have an amazing video on this whole experience on their You Tube channel. Check it out here! Be sure to watch it, share it, show them some love by liking and of course subscribing! Thank you. (P.S: Just realised I laugh a lot, do the silliest things and tell terrible jokes).

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