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As promised, this is the post about the food at The Big Elephant Cafe on Limuru Road. In case you missed the last post which was the restaurant review; here it is.

The food was so good; I couldn’t combine both the food and the restaurant post, as it would do neither, the justice deserved.


The food menu is shown below:

My dad had the “Texas T-bone steak”, my brother settled for “Turban Chicken”; and mum went for “Grilled Chicken Breast”. My sister had a “Chicken Burger”, and I had “Fish and chips.”

Let’s decide!

Anyway guys; like I said, the place is amazing, service is superb and the ambience is absolutely breathtaking. So let’s get to the food. Shall we?

Oh before I forget, guess what? They give Heinz Ketchup at the table. 

Am sure you know how I am the number one Heinz supporter! A big thank you to “Big Elephant Cafe” for showing your customers true quality.

The Girls (mum, sister and I) all had milkshakes that were nothing short of amazing. Number one: It was thick just like it should be. Two: They didn’t give a normal straw, and three; they were in fancy glasses!

I cannot tell you the number of times I have had a milkshake and it’s in a normal glass with a normal straw (which means it’s not thick). Excuse me? It isn’t a normal drink people! So please, take some time to make it look fancy, and while your at it, make sure its not just flavoured milk.

Well done Big Elephant for following the unwritten milkshake rules.

The flavours are cookie and cream for my sister, yoghurt and mixed berry for my mum and mango-vanilla for me. Sounds amazing right? The flavours were really interesting (not the usual chocolate, strawberry and vanilla you often find.) The mango vanilla is actually my new favourite milkshake.

The only thing was that it was a bit too sweet. (Says my mum. Personally, I have the highest tolerance for sugar (sweet-tooth) and so didn’t really notice.)

The cookies in cookie and cream could also have been crushed a little less to make it a bit crunchy; but thats just a personal preference.

Moving on to the food. (For real this time.) Let’s start with dad’s 400g grilled T-bone steak served with mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables (broccoli, baby corn and carrots) and a herb butter gravy.

First of all, that was NOT 400g of well marinated steak. Even the portion of the mashed potatoes was ridiculously small. I kid you not my dad finished his food so fast, not because he is a fast eater; but because the food was so good yet very very little. For 1,600/=; that was not a fair serving.

But the taste guys?? My goodness it was tasty. Maybe part of the reason it disappeared so fast! The meat was done just as he wanted it and was tender, moist and flavourful-qualities; very rare to get all at once with steak. Mashed potatoes were smooth, fluffy and creamy and the vegetables were not ‘mushy’ but still hard to the bite. Pro tip: Order an appetizer before having this meal.

Lets talk about my sister’s griled chicken burger and fries next. The juicy tower of goodness you see; was truly amazing. She did away with mustard and pickles (she is just fancy like that) and went for extra bacon and caramelized onions. (More meat-especially bacon is always good!) The burger was huge!! (No complaints. Trust me. We are very content with the size/portion.)

However, the barbecue sauce and I think mayonnaise or ketchup (Ok. Lets just say the sauces) were too too much. You can even see how saucy the bottom of the burger is. This made it so difficult to manage because the bread got soggy and hard to hold. Chicken had an amazing flavour; (you could tell it was well marinated) and the fries were not oily or too small. They were long, firm and tasty. (There are places the chips are so small, you are forced to pick about 4 or 5 before you throw them in your mouth; making you look like your eating ugali (especially if your eating with your hands)).

NEXT UP is the fancy turban chicken. True to its name, the dish comes covered in a turban. Well, not the head turban we know, but, an edible pastry turban. The diner opens the turban up to reveal the chicken dish itself; which was – Indian spiced tandoori chicken on a bed of saffron rice.

It was the first time I had experienced something like this and was therefore so amazed! The pastry turban stuck to the bowl as if they were one and so one has to cut it open from the top-to get to the dish. In simpler terms, he had chapati, rice and chicken.

The naan/pastry/chapati (not sure what to call it); was superb. It was tasty and flavorful. The saffron rice was cooked very well and had a beautiful flavour. Boneless chicken was tender, moist, well marinated and very tasty.

The only problem was that it was extremely dry. (Not the chicken but the dish.) There was no gravy on the side and even the chicken didn’t have any gravy or sauce. My brother ended up leaving quite a bit of rice because he couldn’t eat dry rice. Also, there were no vegetables in his dish which was quite disappointing. Nonetheless, the portion and flavour was spot on.

My mum had flame-grilled chicken breast served with a demi-glace sauce, fries, and sauteed vegetables (broccoli, zucchini and carrots).

The chicken was tender, well marinated and had an amazing flavour. The fries were just as good as my sister’s (as earlier mentioned) and vegetables were fresh and crunchy.

The only problem with this meal was that the portion was a bit small. Not the chicken, but the chips. You see the portion of chips for a meal with a burger is less than that of a meal that had no bread like this one. I felt like they didn’t put this into consideration.

Last but not least is; my crumb fried red snapper fish fillet with fries and tartar sauce. Unfortunately there were no vegetables, which was once again – disappointing. That not withstanding, my meal was superb!

First of all, it came in a fancy basket like thing, then they observed the unwritten rule of serving fish by serving it with lemon and tartar sauce – which was pretty impressive.

The fish was moist, tender (not overcooked or raw) but well cooked. It couldn’t have been better. The breadcrumbs were well seasoned and so was the fish. Not bland at all! The fries like everyone elses was great! Tartar sauce was spot on. It was a perfect balance between sweet mayonnaise and sour lemon making it a force to reckon with when combined with the breadcrumb fish fillet and lemon.

All in all, the food was delicious, flavourful and amazing. Despite the few let downs, at least flavour (which is truly the most important) was spot on.

Anyway guys, that’s it for today. I am sure you have learnt a thing or two about the food at The Big Elephant Cafe and are already planning to visit them soon.

Thank you so much for visiting, come again soon and bring a friend too! 

I would love to hear your experience with some of the foods me and my family enjoyed. Have you had one of the meals elsewhere?
Was it amazing or a total disaster ?
Share with me your experience in the comment section below.

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