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This is the food post following my last post on Tamambo Restaurant in Karen. (Read all about it here). I would like to thank my cousins; Joy and Cathy, for making this post possible. Thanks guys <3

Below is the food and drinks menu.



We began our eating expedition with Starters of Prawn Tempura (1,150/=) and BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (890/=).

Prawn Tempura is bread-crumbed prawns served with tangy tartar sauce and sweet-chilli sauce. Most people tend to dislike or even refuse to try sea food for fear of hating it, or due to a previous bad experience. I believe you are truly capable of eating anything; so long as it’s well prepared. Actually, my first experience with prawns was not pleasant at all. However, I decided to try it out only at places that specialize in it (i.e sea-food restaurants). Tamambo has a section that mainly specialises in sea-food. As much as it opens at night, and we went during the day, this motivated me to give their prawns a shot.

It was evenly coated in seasoned bread-crumbs and was itself well-seasoned too! The soft tender taste of this light pink fish contrasted with the crumbly bread-crumbs, made me fall in love with it. Let’s not forget the side sauces that came along with it. Tartar sauce is absolutely mandatory when serving fish. Not just any tartar sauce but well made tartar sauce with a vinegar-lemon flavour. Tamambo was definitely on top of its game with this sauce! I was a little skeptical about the flavour of the fish with the sweet-chilli sauce; but it turned out to be great!

The presentation of the sauces in the shell-like bowls resting on tomato slices was beautiful and very unique.

Despite wishing the BBQ pork spareribs were a little softer, the flavour was nothing short of amazing. The bbq sauce the sweet pork was coated in was an accurate depiction of what was promised on the menu. Flavours of garlic, ginger, lime, soy and honey could be tasted; with their marriage giving forth a delicious offspring. The tomato relish served on the side sealed the flavour deal completely!

As we waited for the main course, we indulged in some of the drinks they had to offer. Joy had the Strawberry Daiquiri @ 500/=, while I had the original Carnivore Dawa at 650/=. Despite these drinks being cocktails, we opted to have them as mocktails (virgin).

The Carnivore Dawa, as I already told you, is a force to reckon with. It had sugar, quartered limes, ice and honey. I wouldn’t recommend this drink as a a mocktail unless you have a sweet tooth. Since I am, even without the vodka to tone down the sweetness, I still really enjoyed it. The drink comes with a stick-stirrer kind of thing to mix in the honey and crush the limes. Being the restless person I am, I was able to do something other than just endlessly stir my drink with a straw like most of us do.

The strawberry daiquiri is a tasty, tall drink that comes with 2 straws and is crowned with an actual strawberry. The glass is decorated with sugar crystals making it look stunning. It had lime juice, sugar syrup and ice. If you were to have it as a cocktail, it would come with rum. You can see how Joy really enjoyed her drink.

Cathy had hot drinks. I believe the first one was hot chocolate and later on was a cappuccino. I actually didn’t see them on the menus we were given because she ordered them from the top of her head. I truly apologise for that. Please know they serve hot drinks. 🙂


Cathy had Zanzibari Samaki Wa Nazi (1,690/=) which is basically pan-fried tilapia fish coated in thick Swahili coconut sauce and steamed white rice. Fish is so easily overcooked. However, Tamambo’s kitchen team delivered a tender, perfectly cooked, well-seasoned fish fillet coated in coconut sauce.

The thick red tomato, coconut sauce contrasted the unique white plate and took to the tilapia like fish to water. Fresh coriander and a fresh salad touch made it all the more visually appealing. How do you feel about the rice portion? I thought the serving could have been a bit more generous. Do you agree?

Joy had the Fully loaded burger that turned out to be as filling as the name suggests. She actually ended up not finishing it. For 1,190/=, she got a generous serving of well-seasoned, crispy fries and a fully loaded beef burger with mushrooms, bacon, peppers and cheese. All these came together to give a juicy, flavour mouth bomb. Fresh bread, perfectly-cooked beef patty and the tangy taste from the peppers, all made it INCREDIBLE!

I think the cost was extremely reasonable and the serving quite generous. My favorite shell like bowls accompanied this dish. In it, was a tasty chilli mayo sauce dip for the fries. Delicious and unique!

I had the Famous Carnivore Ndogo Ndogo. Contrary to it’s name ‘ndogo ndogo’ (little or small), this dish is generously portioned. It is a FULL grilled spring chicken made with a marinade of garlic, ginger, lime juice and soy sauce. This chicken, moist, juicy and tender as it was, had a strong flavour of the above ingredients that complemented each other to bring about a true grilled chicken flavour.

The tomato relish side sauce, similar to that of the bbq ribs, was very tasty, and provided an amazing dip for both my chicken and fries. As for the fries, they were crispy and well seasoned, just like Joys’.

There was a COMPLIMENTARY bread basket! Can you believe it? Free bread sticks, bread buns and butter? As if that isn’t enough, you get a variety of brown and white bread!! Truly amazing. Right?

After the damage, we limped away like wounded soldiers; unable to walk straight with the bulging tummies. This was evidence enough that Tamambo Restaurant is a force to reckon with in the Restaurant world.

My overall experience here was amazing and I can’t wait to go back and try all the other dishes they have! I just have to make sure I don’t eat that whole day so I fully utilise their portions without feeling like exploding.

Olive oil and Vinegar.

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