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Following the last restaurant post on La Cascina, (here) below is the food post. Takah and I embarked on a Taste of Italy experience at La Cascina Restaurant at The Hub in Karen. Our experience was one of a kind. Join us, as we sample various italian dishes and for the first time on Kulanini, talk about pasta, pizza and lasagne.

Below is their food menu:

P.S: They also deliver.

Takah, my companion, had the house red wine, while I had a variation of their fresh juice; which was amazing. Despite their beverages not being included on the menu, the drinks were tasty. Management promises to begin including them soon.

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Our first meal was their Spaghetti Calamari e Gamberi @ 1,400/= and their lasagna classica @ 1,100/=. I found the cost favourable and portions quite generous.

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The spaghetti calamari e gamberi is essentially spaghetti with pieces of prawns and calamari. You get to choose either a garlic olive oil, fresh tomato or cream sauce for the spaghetti to be tossed in. Takah went for the cream sauce; which I thought was an excellent selection.


This meal was a large portion and had the prawn & calamari pieces evenly distributed; such that each bite had a piece of calamari or prawns. The spaghetti was well cooked. It was not hard or mushy; but ‘al-dente’ – hard to the bite.

The cream sauce took to the spaghetti very well. I liked that it didn’t make the spaghetti soggy but simply gave it a nice cream flavour. This whole dish was well seasoned and had a delightful flavour marriage.

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Pasta and fish seems like a weird combination; especially because of the strong flavour fish has. However, I can confirm to you with utmost certainty, that it was a great combination. The prawns and calamari were not overcooked and didn’t taste bland at all. Each ingredient in this dish shone on its on while still complementing other ingredients.

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P.s: I know we took pictures with a spoon It came like that. Lol. We ate it with a fork though.

Takah closed her eyes with every bite to appreciate the flavour eruptions that kept taking place in her mouth.

Lasagna in a bowl! I am not even sure where to start. The cheese, meat, cream sauce or just the combination of them all! This dish was superb. It is actually cooked in the bowl it is served with. You know how they say that eating from the pot, is always sweetest? It’s very true. All the flavours remain intact and you get to taste the flavour straight from the source!

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The layers of pasta, meat and cheese were quite the adventure. The pasta was well cooked (not hard or too soft), the cheese was well spread such that every bite had a decent amount of cheese, and the meat, which was minced meat was packed with flavour!

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I think I can eat a bowl of that minced meat on its own! This bowl of goodness was moist and creamy. Each bite went down with so much ease. In fact, my joy, made my mind wander so far away, that when I looked back at my bowl, I was half-way done and was already quite stuffed.

The salad served on the side of tomato, lettuce, cucumber and carrot was beautifully presented and very fresh. This was affirmed by the crunch that came with each bite. The dressing drizzled was a light vinegar dressing that made the salad even tastier!

PIZZA. I know I didn’t participate in the pizza festival and some of you or none at all, may be wondering why. Frankly, I didn’t like the restaurants listed and therefore decided not to participate. Either that or, am not really a pizza fan. Besides, I wouldn’t want to review a place during a festival because chances are high, the pizza won’t be as good as it is ordinarily.

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Anyway, La Cascina managed to recruit me to the pizza fan club because I loved the pizza. This was 1000/= (portion for one or snack for two). We chose Yvette which has grilled chicken, mushroom and mozzarella cheese.

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The pizza was moist (not soggy but had enough cheese and sauce). The tomato base gave the chicken and mushroom a great flavour. I thought it had a bit too much mushroom and would have preferred an equal amount of mushroom and chicken. That not withstanding, it was a great pizza.

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The pizza base was fresh and wasn’t too dense. It was something in between a thick and a thin base which I loved.

Sometimes you take pizza and you feel like your eating a bread bun with a touch of cheese and a dash of meat; forcing you to have soda or water just in case you choke. This was not the case. I actually drank nothing with this pizza. Told you it was moist!

For those who don’t like trying new things, don’t feel left out. We made sure to try something familiar. We had grilled lamb loin chops @ 1,600/= It came with fries, a salad (same as what I got with the lasagna), and spinach.

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My favourite part about this dish was the spinach. I have never had such creamy, soft spinach. It was very nice! All that was missing was hot ugali and I would be set! How many take their spinach with cream? I think I will start eating my spinach like this.

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The lamb came in a generous portion and had an amazing flavour. The gravy it was served with was equally great and was thick. I remember in culinary school, my teacher wouldn’t take being served watery gravy or sauce lightly. Well done La Cascina for a gravy well made.

I loved the flavour of the grilled lamb but would have preferred it a little softer. The marination and seasoning was very good.
The chips were well cooked and very evenly sized.


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Takah had ice-cream and chocolate truffles, while I had tiramisu. An ice-cream scoop goes for 150/=. She had a scoop of the chocomint and another scoop of yoghurt & cherry. I don’t think it’s possible to have bad gelato at an Italian restaurant. Italians know just how to make it! It wasn’t too sweet but had a strong flavour and a great consistency. I found the price to be very fair and urge you to try their ice-cream. You won’t be disappointed.

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Gelato is different from ice-cream in that it is denser and has more milk and less or no eggs.

She also had the chocolate truffles. One was rolled in coconut and the other was plain. It was like biting into a dense chocolate cake. Both had a rich chocolate flavour and an even distribution of nuts. In fact, I don’t think it was nuts. My taste-buds were probably confused after tasting all that food. It was like what is in a toblerone; almond nougat.

My tiramisu was amazing! This traditional Italian coffee dessert is made of layers of cake dipped in coffee, with cream cheese and cocoa in between. The strong coffee flavour contrasts the sweet cream and the soft cake gives a wonderful texture. I loved the presentation and the taste of this dessert. I liked the fact that it’s served cold. Have you ever had tiramisu before? This went for 500/=

All in all, I had an amazing experience at La Cascina. The food quality is amazing and I believe the prices are reasonable. They have ensured they deliver to the guests, a true Italian experience without compromising on quality. The flavour of all the food was well pronounced and the combination of ingredients superb!

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That’s all from La Cascina. Thank you so much for reading!

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