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I am so excited to share some of the menu items I got to try when I went to Geco Cafe on Mbaazi Avenue. I literally got to try ALMOST EVERYTHING! Guess what? It was all amazing! In case you haven’t seen the post on the cafe, you can read it here.

The menu is below:

Unfortunately, the menu doesn’t show the cocktails they provide. Geco cocktails range from 450/= to 850/= – which is a little pricey. However, if I am not wrong, there is a happy-hour offer. Some of the cocktails, are listed below: classic mojito, dawa, cosmopolitan, tonics, white russian, moscow mule, vodka martini, black poison and Jamaican sunrise.

The first menu item I got to try was the Hungry Man breakfast platter @ 600/=. It comes with bacon, mushrooms, an omelette, sausages, tomatoes and toast. Pretty heavy right? Crunchy toast, large delicious omelette, well cooked sausages and great bacon portion, are some of the things that left my mouth wanting more. Oh I almost forgot! There were tomatoes and mushrooms roasted with black pepper that were splendid.

I had an iced coffee drink @ 200/= with the platter. Iced coffee is basically cold coffee with ice cubes. For Geco, they top it with frothy milk and coffee beans to give a beautiful presentation, and serve it with sugar syrup. The bottom also has some milk; leaving the middle brown in colour.

Since Geco is dedicated to serving you the best coffee, (ceiling is made from coffee bean sacks), then it goes without saying: The coffee was amazing. Cold, but, very tasty. It was my first time to try this and I actually really liked it! Of course if you want less or more milk, they can customize it to your preferences.

I had the German sausage sandwich @ 300/= next. It is a delicious, flavourful sausage with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The bread was fresh, large and tasty. Did you know sandwich bread is supposed to be much harder than usual bread? This is so it can handle the fillings and the pressing while eating! Not to say it was un-bearably hard. I simply mean: it was tougher than usual bread but way more delicious.

The german sausage was a good portion, spicy and very flavourful. The vegetables were all tasty; stirring me to continue eating it. The onions were caramelised to give an amazing flavour and crunch to the whole sandwich.

I had the german sausage sandwich with a cafe mocha @ 250/=. It is coffee, chocolate and cream. This, and a macchiato, (coffee with a small amount of milk) are my favourite hot coffee drinks of all time. This drink had everything in the right quantities. The coffee, just like the other one, was fresh, strong and rich; not a weak ‘coffee’ flavour. They even have a cocktail that has coffee! It is called white russian. Try it the next time your at Geco, and let me know your thoughts.

Still under sandwiches, I got to try the Ham and Cheese Sandwich @450/=. It comes with the same bread and vegetable fillings as the german sausage. The only difference is: it had ham and cheese instead of sausage. The ham (pork) was fresh and generously placed in the sandwich.

Every bite had the leafy lettuce and lots of ham. The cheese was also very nice. However, I would prefer my sandwich toasted so that the cheese melts. The onions here were also not caramelised and no sauce was put. Be sure to be clear with your preference when ordering so it comes exactly how you like it!

The tropical fresh juice @ 200/= was one to write home about! It isn’t made at Geco but it is still very fresh. I can’t really say it has no added sugar. However, I liked how thick and tasty it was! Their supplier is definitely doing a good job!

For my starter item, I opted to try their 6 piece chicken wings @ 650/=. They are presented on skewers in a cucumber and garnished with a salsa of onions, tomatoes, peppers (hoho) and other Geco ingredients. These have to be the best wings I have ever had! Better than Talisman, Ventana Breakfast and even Captains Terrace.

Right from the presentation, to the taste and of course the flavour! I loved the salsa that it came with. It tasted amazing. You could even have these wings with rice and not need a gravy! I am used to seeing dry wings coated in lots of bottled sauce and none that was well-cooked (not overly cooked) and had a great accompanying suace.

Under their main courses, I had pasta, burger, pizza and steak! First up, is the margherita pizza @ 600/=. Yes! Pizza at 600/=. Can you believe it? It was even larger than what most restaurants call large! (Pizza Mojo – take notes!) and can be shared by two!

The price wasn’t the only good thing about it. Can you please see how well spread out the cheese is? (Pizza inn – apply for classes!) The vegetarian pizza, had mushroom, tomatoes, onions and peppers on a tomato based sauce. As simple as that sounds, trust you me: It was perfect! Extravagant, doesn’t necessarily mean it is good! Simple often goes a long way.

The pizza base was soft (not soggy) but easy to bite and all the toppings extremely fresh. The base was somewhere in between thick and thin making it perfect.

Geco monster burger has egg, bacon and cheese and is served with a side of fries @ 850/=. Guys, you have to visit the cafe. The prices are very reasonable and the food quality is amazing! The chef is doing an amazing job! Keep it up chef!

The beef burger was nothing short of decious! The flavours married beautifully and the fresh vegetables of leafy lettuce, caramelised onions and firm tomatoes, made a tremendous offspring! It was very large and generously filled to have all the ingredients in each bite.

The fries it was served with were the famous skin-on-potato fries done with salt and black pepper and cooked to perfection! They weren’t three or four fries like most restaurants give with burgers. They gave a full portion which I really appreciated!

One pot beef fajita pasta @ 600/= with a jamaican sunrise cocktail @ 650/= was what I had next. This pasta was like a trip to the most beautiful land and back! Penne pasta cooked with green and red peppers, onions, beef and tomatoes. It is then topped off with parmesan cheese and a basil leaf.

The flavours of the tomato and basil sauce it was cooked in, gave an amazing flavour. I don’t often take pasta. However, this is the best I have ever had in forever! It could actually rank at the same position as the pasta from La Cascina. The freshness and harmony of the ingredients was by far, the best I have seen in a while.

The jamaican sunrise cocktail contains: pineapple juice, vodka, dash of grenadine and ice cubes. It was pretty sweet until I got further down where it was purely vodka.

I recommend stirring it adequately before beginning to sip. The cocktail is definitely a sweet & strong one and is recommended to those who prefer itb like that

Lastly, is the rump steak @ 800/=. Who has ever seen anything with the word steak that costed less than 1000/=? It is nearly impossible. This was a steal! I had to try it! Better yet, the portion was even larger than what we often pay above 2,000/= for! I simply can’t get enough of this cafe! It’s like I have been living a lie! How am I finding out all this now?

The steak was juicy, well marinated, tender, well cooked and so much more. This beats the steak at Big Elephant Cafe, Talisman, Argenti and ranks equally with Brioche. It is topped with caramelised onions and served with steamed vegetable rice, garden salad and pepper sauce.

The rice was well cooked and vegetables in it,gave a great presentation. The garden salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, was fresh and generously portioned. I would have preferred a side salad dressing but the pepper sauce, surprisingly made a superb dressing. The chilli sauce imitated the flavour in the steak and was consistent in taste and thickness. Poured the whole thing over my rice and salad!

Caipirinha cocktail @ 650/= is a Brazilian cocktail made with Brazilian spirit. It consists of: sugar, lime, Brazilian rum (cahaca) and ice cubes. It was served in a short glass with a lemon slice that was very eye-appealing.

The taste is like a mojito without mint but a unique, distinct flavour in the background. That’s all I had for you today!

What do you think of the portion & cost of the menu items at Geco? I think the portions are generous and the prices pocket-friendly!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. TK says:

    I was looking for their menu from their Facebook page and they didn’t have one. Glad you took the time to write this. Great review.

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