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Food menu is below:

For the brunch menu available every Sunday @ 1,590/=.

Remember the happy hour available every Friday with cocktails going at half price, and the Apero Night on one Wednesday of every month!

I was lucky enough to have lunch with the restaurant manager; Francois. He taught me a little about France and the hotel industry in between our meals. We began our late lunch with some juice. Brioche sells fresh, homemade juice. The best part about these drinks; apart from their freshness, is their wide variety of unique flavour combinations. Carrot, orange and ginger or strawberry and lemon; among others. Quite interesting. Isn’t it?

I had their famous bonbon drink (pineapple, passion, mint) @ 340/=; while he had plain pineapple juice @ 390/=.

Every sip of my bonbon drink had a nice mint flavour; that mellowed down the sweetness of the passion and pineapple . I liked the large glass presentation and the fact that it wasn’t ‘fake’ sweet.

We had Tapas King Prawns 750/= for our starter. This seemed very affordable in comparison to prawns I have previously had. Then again, it was only 3 pieces. With that, we can simply conclude: Prawns are not cheap.

They were bathed in a lemon, white wine and olive oil sauce, and garnished with coriander. The lemon flavour pronounced this tender, pink fish’s flavour. It was a bit different from the prawns I had at Talisman (here) or at Tamambo (here) in that it was prepared differently. Nonetheless, it was delicious and left me licking the lemon sauce remnant on my fingers.

Now that you’ve seen prawns in curry, bread-crumbs and lightly coated in sauce, what do you think you would prefer most?
My favourite would be the curry at Talisman.

The beautiful presentation was not only eye-catching, but also flavour-appealing to my taste-buds. It was served with lemon wedges and a fresh garden salad tossed in a well-seasoned vinaigrette salad dressing.

Each table gets a bread basket when they order food! It could be multi-cereal, wholewheat or campagne. I believe ours was campagne. This bread is basically what we call sourdough. It’s distinct sharp taste that is contrasted by the butter they provide, makes for the perfect table bread basket!

As much as it’s not quite common for most of us to try out different types of bread, I believe one must explore and take their taste-buds on a unique adventure! For those who don’t like bread, you may just find a type that suits you! Those who like bread may just as well find a new favourite!

The salad beside the unique bread basket, is the same delicious one served with the prawns. It had lettuce and thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers.

For the main course, Francois had minestrone soup @ 540/= that was served with garlic butter bread slices. Minestrone is a vegetable stew with small vegetable cubes. This bowl of goodness, is topped with parmesan cheese and the generous portion presented to the guest in this unique bowl.

This bowl was just what Francois needed to nurse his cold. The cheese flavour topped the fresh vegetable broth to give credit to its name: Mom’s Minestrone. Imagine food that warms your heart and gives you good memories. That is what we have here! You just have to try it to understand exactly what I mean. Any soup lovers out there? My favourite is butternut, followed by carrot-ginger!!

I had the Brioche Nyama Choma @ 1,090/= for my main meal. It came with hand-cut fries and a salad. This is the best beef I have ever had at a restaurant!! Forget t-bone, steak or whatever I have ever talked about on the blog. That was nothing! These nyama choma cubes were the mother of them all!

I have never had meat at a restaurant that was so tender, well marinated, a generous portion and well presented ALL IN ONE! This took me back quite a bit. This cafe has perfected the art of preparing meat yet some so called Steak Houses can’t achieve this.

What I really liked was the presentation. It was nothing I’d ever seen before. The beef cube kebabs were well marinated with enough spice and herb to allow the meat flavour shine on it’s own. No adding salt. Just perfect. I know I have gone on and on but I believe in giving credit where it’s due.

In as much as the salad was a small portion, I still found it tasty. The onions and green peppers (hoho) were a simple yet delicious salad. The plate was garnished with a peanut sauce that simply blew me away. I wished they were a bit more generous with it because I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t just sweet but it had chilli. who would think of putting nuts and chilli together? Exactly!

The hand cut fries were large and tender. I really liked them. However, I personally would prefer them a bit crunchy. If your like me, be sure to let the waiter know this so they keep it in a bit longer. Nonetheless, they were well seasoned and cooked all through.

When these fries are dipped in their home-made tomato ketchup, the whole experience is magnificently crowned. Yes! Brioche makes their own tomato ketchup. Forget the Heinz I praise in each blog post. This was ketchup on a whole other level! I wish they sold it so I could carry a piece of Brioche back home. It was a perfect balance of sweet and slightly tangy; complementing the dishes very well.

After this, we had DESSERT. Francois, being a French, highly recommended the crepes; promising I would be transported to France for quite an experience! Crepes are what I would call thin pancakes.

They originated in France. Since this was his home-country, I trusted he knew what a good crepe is. Turns out, HE DID! This had to be the fastest I have eaten a dessert. The plate was empty in seconds.

Crepes can be either sweet or savoury. Since we were having them as dessert, we had sweet crepes. We both settled for the salted caramel flavour @ 440/=. First of all, anyone who has been disappointed by a flavour that purports to be salted caramel, should give this a shot. I think this is the most accurate taste I have ever had; followed by the popcorns at Westgate Mall Cinema. Do you agree? I actually go just to buy popcorn and don’t watch a movie.

The crepe was thin, sweet, and very delicious. I am really trying hard to find the words and I truly cannot. It was a fried pastry that simply begged you to take another bite. Before I knew it, it was done!

Additionally, I had something called: Yellow Stone @ 320/=. This was basically a lemon and banana tartlette that was topped with a chocolate coin and garnished with pistachios. The flavour was so good. I mean lemon and banana then crunchy pistachios? JUST WOW! It was a bit sweet because bananas are obviously sweet. I therefore recommend it to the sweet-tooths’.

I one day went to Brioche for a coffee run and had an americano @ 230/= and a small chocolate brioche @ 190/=.

Of course the blog wasn’t going to end without me explaining to you what a brioche is; the pastry the restaurant is named after. To me, this is a sweet bun that is soft and a bit less crumbly when compared to a cake. This bun is the ultimate hot beverage accompaniment or coffee-run pastry. It isn’t messy and has an amazing taste. Not too sweet and not bland like a bun.

I guess like the nyama choma and crepes, you just have to go taste and see for yourself! See you there! Read more on this restaurant here.

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    Now I want to go there! That nyama choma is calling me, and I better answer lol. Great post …as always! ?

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