One for the Vegetarians.

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As always, the post following a restaurant post, is the food post. Read about the restaurant: Boho Eatery here. Despite this post being a vegetarian post, the restaurant is not vegetarian. They have their fare share of juicy burgers and grilled chicken.

Since it is still a new restaurant, the menu isn’t as extensive. However, they are in the process of expanding it. Just give them some time. The upside is: All the current menu items are amazing. I think I would rather have limited variety with great quality, than an extensive menu with food that isn’t good.
Below is the Boho Eatery menu:

I had a tasty drink as I waited for my starter. ‘Love at first sight’ @ 450/=.
This deep maroon drink comprises: beetroot, carrot, apple, lime and ginger, and is the ultimate health drink.

This cold tasty drink had a fresh, natural taste. It was not annoyingly sweet or laced with preservatives. A sip of this, gave my body a refreshing calm. I would have preferred a little less of the ginger so as to taste the other ingredients.

Nonetheless, it was delicious and I managed to finish it all even before my main meal came.

The starter was the best thing I have tasted in a very long time. They call it “Tostones”. These are fried plantain slices served with guacamole and chilli sauce. The seasoned, crunchy plantain slices gave me the best plantain experience ever! These were plantains re-defined at only 600/=!

A fresh, creamy, chunky guacamole sauce was delicious enough to be eaten on its own. It was well seasoned and had a nice citrus flavour from what I presumed to be lemon. (Then again, I could be wrong). Point is, it was really tasty. In case you didn’t know, guacamole is essentially an avocado sauce. Ingredients like coriander (dhania), onions, lemon juice, cream, salt and pepper may or may not be included.

The red, deadly chilli sauce you see, was delicious! I actually don’t like chilli as much as most people. However, this one was amazing! It was hot but tasty. You could taste the roasted peppers and feel their flavour; rather than just feeling heat in your mouth. Most chillies just make your tongue hot and bar you from tasting their true flavour. Well done Boho Eatery. You have officially made me a chilli fan!

The creamy guacamole topped with this chilli paste on a crunchy plantain bed, made my eyes roll back in awe. Who knew that such simple flavours could taste so good together?

For the main course, I had Spicy Black Bean Tacos @ 1200/=. They were topped with the famous creamy guacamole, pumpkin nuts, grated beetroot, a sauce (I think it was Thousand Island) and red jalapeno pepper chillies. The plate was garnished with coriander leaves.

All these were on a chapati-like pastry. The pastry wasn’t fried with oil but was still cooked all through. It was heavier than a chapati or a shawarma pastry but not too thick.

Actually, I had never had pumpkin seeds before. They are known to be very beneficial to the human body such as prevention and treatment of diabetes, among many others. Their crunch with every bite of the taco was a great contrast to the soft black beans. They don’t have a nutty or overwhelming taste and so complemented the dish very well.

The black beans in the taco were spicy and well cooked. Seasoning, thick consistency and even the spices all came together to give my taste buds an adventure. The sauce I believe to have been thousand-island (ketchup n mayo) was most likely house-made with a twist (made by Boho). It had a unique taste that went so well with the bread and spicy black beans.

Fresh, grated beetroot gave a great contrasting colour and taste. The sweet, crunchy vegetable gave a nice flavour to both the black beans and the pumpkin seeds. This recipe was definitely well thought out. The ingredients complemented each other to give a delicious, flavourful taste!

Boho Eatery is fighting against plastic! They serve their water in nice Aquamist glass bottles you get to carry home with you!

Anyway guys, that concludes my Boho Eatery experience. Unfortunately, I was too full to have dessert. I think I love the quality of food Boho has, and hope they remain consistent with that.

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Your favorite taco place in Kenya or an experience you’ve had with tacos.

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