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Before we talk about what Ankole had to offer my companion and I from their grill, allow me to thank all of you. Kulanini was featured on yesterday’s DAILY NATION (08/09/17) in the SHOWBIZ section by Abigail Arunga. This is kinda sorta a big deal for Kulanini because it is the first “big” recognition Kulanini has ever received. For this, I am grateful to God above all, and to you; the Kulanini family for the endless encouragement, support and dedication. Asanteni sana. A big thank you Abigail Arunga for this surprise. I am very grateful.

Now we can talk about the food. I am sure you have all read the restaurant review for Ankole Grill. If not, you can read it here before going on to this post. Ankole is situated in Kilimani along Galana Road in Senteu Plaza.

I forgot to mention one thing in the restaurant post. Ankole is NOT child friendly in terms of a kids menu or a kids play area. Therefore, it wouldn’t be ideal to bring children here.

The menu offers a wide variety of meals, snacks, desserts, drinks, salads, soups and have quite a list when it comes to their alcohols. See menus below:



Cocktail drinks go for 800/= for TWO during HAPPY HOUR from 5 p.m to 8 p.m

Since Ankole prides itself in its grill, we didn’t bother with the wraps, sandwiches or burgers but went straight to the menu’s GRILL section. Items on the grill come with two sides and a sauce of choice.

The sides include: hand cut fries, butter mashed sweet potatoes, mchicha (traditional greens) (most unique thing I have ever seen!), coleslaw, side salad, steamed rice and kachumbari.
You get any two of those with your grill. (Yes, you could get two starches at no extra cost!)

My companion ordered Chilli Bbq Baby Back Pork Ribs (left) @ 1700/= and I ordered Molo Lamb Chops @ 2000/=. Pretty pricey right?  Well, this was well compensated for with the great portions and quality of food presented to us. Exactly what was in the menu (quality-wise), was delivered to the table. In the end, I was so happy I had spent that money and couldn’t wait to go back to try something else.

My friend had their saucy pork ribs with butter mashed sweet potatoes and a side salad dressed in Ankole’s house ranch.

Ankole’s mashed sweet potatoes are a MUST-TRY for those who have never tasted or liked sweet potatoes. This will make you go back on your sweet-potato vows wondering why your relationship had a rocky start. They were smooth, fluffy, sweet, (well obviously), and had a nice flavour. They just weren’t mashed and plated but, were well seasoned too! They tasted nothing like the sweet potatoes I am used to.

The side salad with the house ranch was very pretty, extremely fresh, and tasted divine. That house ranch sauce was so good, we ended up sharing it and requesting for another one. Not only does it complement the salad but it also went very well with everything else we were eating.

Chilli bbq back ribs had just the right amount of chilli and sweet that every pork dish demands. The saucy marinade coating the juicy pork was delicious. However, we felt the pork could have been a bit more tender. Despite this, my companion still managed to demolish the plate and later smile contently at the bones left from the massacre.

I had Molo Lamb Chops with hand cut fries, Kachumbari and a mushroom cream sauce.

Hand cut fries were well cooked. A perfect blend of firm, crispy and chunky was met. They are served with the peel; making them look a bit rough and different from the ordinary chips. Well done Ankole on your unique fries! The shape and size inherited from the ‘hand-cut’ made all the difference.

The Kachumbari/salsa (sliced tomato and onion) was a slight let down for me; as it didn’t have lemon or enough coriander (dhania). I believe that Kachumbari is not complete without those two ingredients. It was also not seasoned; making it a bit flat.
However, for those who prefer their Kachumbari plain and simple then this is great! Let me not bring my ‘smokie-pasua’ kachumbari standards to this fancy restaurant.

Mushroom cream sauce was good but could have been better. I didn’t feel like it was thick and creamy enough. Consistency as the chefs call it, was lacking. I also found it a bit too milky, making the mushroom flavour not very distinct.

Now those Molo Lamb Chops were the ones! Marination was absolutely incredible! The tender lamb was bathed in garlic, red pepper and rosemary; pronouncing the flavour of the lamb very beautifully. It was not overbearing to the extent of losing the taste of lamb; but complemented the meat very well. The meat tore off the bone so beautifully; allowing you to appreciate the char flavour on the outside with the inner tender lamb at once with just one bite. This was truly a delicacy! #bestlambever

My friend Diana happened to visit Ankole before I wrote this post. She had this to say:
“I really like this place. Their food is bomb! I had their cheese burger which was superb! I think I may have found Nairobi’s best burger. Ankole has not disappointed me at all!”

Anyway guys, the decision is in your hands! You’ve seen and heard (not only from me but my friend Diana and my companion); and now its time for you to head over to Ankole and make your own judgement! Thank you so much for stopping by.

NEXT: Ankole’s Cocktails.

Before you go, let  me know in the comment section below: 

Have you been to Ankole Grill?
If yes, what did you eat and what was your experience?
If no, are you now planning to pay them a visit? 

Also, do let me know your favourite spot for lamb and for pork ribs! 

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