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Hey there! Welcome to this new website & food post, and thank you for stopping by!

Today, I am excited to launch this new website ( with an amazing food post from Argenti Restaurant. The restaurant post about this classy, elegant space on Riverside Drive, can be read here. I am very open to receiving comments & suggestions to improve the new website. I know it isn’t like the other one; but, I hope I can keep editing to make it look even better! I opted to do it myself with an online web builder as it was much cheaper.

As I said, I visited Argenti with my friends; Peterson, Regina and Waithera. Thanks guys for coming!

The food menu can be found below.

I appreciate their effort to limit the menu to only a few items; while still ensuring they’ve catered for everyone’s need. For me, when the menu is too broad, I can’t decide as fast, get confused and sometimes even frustrated.


Peterson ordered a mango smoothie (300/=) while Regina had fresh juice (300/=). Waithera opted for water while I had cranberry juice (350/=). Since Peterson’s was a smoothie, it took a bit of time. The rest came very fast. Both my juice and Regina’s were nice. What I liked was that; you can opt for fresh or packed juice; depending on the season. Of course there can’t be fresh cranberry juice because I don’t think its grown here. However, all other juices, have the fresh juice option if in season.

Peterson’s mango smoothie was amazing! I don’t think I have ever had such a nice smoothie. It was very thick and had a strong mango flavour. Definitely worth the wait! They serve it very thick; tempting us to ask for a teaspoon to dig in. I think if you prefer your smoothies much lighter, you could ask them to make it that way. It was generously portioned and very filling! Well done Argenti!


We shared a plate of tempura calamari served with chilli mayo @ 1,100/= and lamb bruschetta with bbq sauce @ 1,100/=. Tempura is basically anything that has been battered with bread-crumbs, and deep fried. Remember prawn tempura at Tamambo? (see here)

The calamari was plated on a bed of arugula (green vegetable that resembles kale) with a juicy lemon to squeeze on the fish and a bowl of chilli mayo. I am not 100% sure it was arugula or a type of kale or spinach or lettuce. Maybe you could zoom in the picture and let me know in the comment section below! Anyway, this leafy, green vegetable was bathed in a lemon & honey vinaigrette dressing and then layered to provide a nice bed for the tempura calamari.

The calamari was very very nice! Probably, best calamari I have ever had. It was well coated in seasoned bread-crumbs and in itself well-seasoned. Dipping this in that amazing chilli mayo sauce with a hint of lemon, crowned the food experience that was to come.

Lamb bruschetta is pieces of grilled, marinated lamb on toasted garlic bread and roasted peppers (hoho). I loved this dish. The lamb was tender and very well marinated; while the bread was toasted just right. The bread was bathed in just enough butter and garlic; complementing the flavour of the lamb (meat from a young sheep).

The roasted peppers were well cooked; giving enough crunch, but still soft enough to be chewed. I only realised when the plate was empty, that it was supposed to come with bbq sauce. It was actually very nice on its own and wasn’t dry at all! Hopefully, when I try it next time, I will remember the bbq sauce and let you now how it tastes with it!


Waithera had the oven roasted WHOLE spring chicken in lemon jus and homemade french fries @ 1,600/=. This meal was massive! We all had a piece of chicken, she ate to her fill and still got to carry a large piece home for dinner! Not only was it very generously portioned, but also, very tender. You know how you never want certain pieces of chicken because your almost certain they will be dry; and you’ll have to down each bite with water? This was not the case! I don’t know whether the lemon jus marination is what made this chicken so tender or the way the chef prepared it; but it was AMAZING! Each bite was moist, tender, well seasone, flavourfully marinated and just all round delicious!

The home-made french fries were very neatly stacked and well-cooked. I really liked the roasted tomato with rosemary branch presentation. It was first of all very tasty and looked very nice. Pretty creative, don’t you agree?

Peterson had the beef tenderloin in a portobello mushroom sauce, and basil mashed potatoes @1300/=. This was one meal I found value for money for! Essentially, this is beef fillet, with a portobello (type of mushroom) sauce and mash. The portion was very generous. In fact, that mash was a lot! Creamy, flavourful, consistent and very well presented. The basil flavour coupled with nutmeg, gave a nice flavour combination.

The beef, was very (EMPHASIS on ‘very’) well cooked. He wanted it well-done; and they made it just like that! It wasn’t over-cooked to the point of resembling a chewing-gum; but, was very tender. Did I say very? Well, you get it. It was delicious. The marination didn’t overpower the beef, allowing you to taste the beef flavour.

The portobello sauce was amazing. It had a nice beef flavour, was thick enough an well seasoned. Have you noticed that so far every dish has been well-seasoned? I think we can all agree that the chef knows just the right amount for everything.

Regina, went all out for the aged beef burger with french fries @ 1,300/=; not knowing what she was up against. Just look at that stack of goodness. There was of course, the bread and beef. In addition to that, there was cheese, bacon, lettuce. tomato, onions, avocado, a fried egg and mushroom sauce! Pretty intense right? I recommend this to the very very hungry! The flavour bomb that came with each bite was incomprehensible. How can something taste so good? Avocado? Eggs? Mushrooms? Just WOW! It’s like everyone’s favourite food wrapped in one; and is still delicious!

The beef in the burger was tender, moist and packed a punch of flavour! The best part is that you can have them remove the things you don’t like and have the burger come as you prefer! The same fries Waithera had, were what this meal was served with.

I had a much lighter meal; pork schnitzel on a bed of lettuce and cherry tomatoes @ 1,800/=. Schnitzel is thin meat (in this case pork), that has been bread-crumbed and fried a certain way. Remember the chicken schnitzel at Big Five Restaurant in Ole Sereni? (See here.)

It’s rare to find bread-crumbed pork. I always see pork ribs in bbq sauce and rarely ever as fillet like this. I am sure you remember the pork at Charlie’s Bistro (read here) or the spicy pork at Ankole Grill (see here) or even the one at J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen (see here). None was like this. Keep up the creativity Argenti!

The lettuce was fresh, crunchy and had been drizzled in a honey-lemon vinaigrette that was simply amazing. The pork was also drizzled in a honey like sauce. You know pork and honey are a force to reckon with. Mmmh so delicious. The pork itself had a really nice flavour. I think it was well marinated. As much as I would have preferred it a bit less dry, I loved this dish, and think it should even be served with a side to make it a full meal!

Did I mention I discovered that pork goes very well with lemon? Yes! This dish was served with a lemon wedge that you squeeze on to the pork. DELICIOUS! It was actually to be served with chilli mayo but I again didn’t realise until after. It was that good!


After sending the remainder of our meals to the kitchen to be packed as our dinner; just so we can extend that whole experience, we ordered some dessert. I mean, who comes to a classy restaurant like Argenti and doesn’t order dessert? No matter how satisfied you are, there’s alwaus space for dessert. It’s a given; desserts in restaurants like Argenti, taste ten times better. Especially if your seated outside with the view of the pool.

Regina had a red velvet cake. Simply saying red velvet, doesn’t do this cake justice. I will therefore expound what red velvet means to Argenti. Not some measly looking block of cake with red food colouring. No. This, and the other cakes we had, were the best presented cakes I have ever encountered.

Topped with cream cheese frosting, a mint leaf and raspberry, this cake made it to my top dessert list. I think I should find out if they make birthday cakes because damn! Moist, just enough sugar, beauutiful presentation, delicious…Need I say more?

The two layers were seperated by cream cheese frosting and raspberry slices, and the cake laid on chocolate. Okay. Am done torturing you.

Peterson had the chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream @ 950/=. Before I continue season 2 of the torture series, let me just explain what this means. This is a chocolate cake with its centre having chocolate sauce (lava).

It is topped with a strawberry, black seedless grape, and a mint leaf. Pieces of raspberry fruit decorate the plate, with a sliced strawberry being the star of the show.

The cake is laid on a grid made of chocolate and is beside a scoop of vanilla ice-cream; that is on top of a cookie kind of thing. Wow! So much and I still haven’t talked about the cake. The cake is definitely only for and I repeat: ONLY, for chocolate lovers. If you’re not a ’till death do me part for chocolate’ kind of person, then make no attempt. It is very rich. I mean, the centre is chocolate sauce! I had never seen this in Kenya. I had only seen it on videos of restaurants in the West. The rich chocolate cake, like the red velvet,was moist. I liked the texture, concept and even presentation. Okay! Next!

Let’s take a break from all that cake-talk. Waithera had a tree tomato sorbet. (500/=). This simple yet delicious dessert, was topped with a mint leaf and generously served. A sorbet is a fruit based ice-cream (no milk). I am sure you recall this from my trip to Milano ice cream with my friends; see here.

The sorbet was very sweet, refreshing and was light. It’s a very nice dessert especially if you aren’t as hungry and just want something light.

Last, is my dessert. Yes. I had cake. I think Argenti should be known for amazing cakes! Any cake lovers reading this should definitely comment and let us know their favourite cake flavour and cake place! I had the classic sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce; that came with a scoop of ice cream @ 700/=

The cake had a side of kiwi slices and was topped with a mint and *orange leaf* (Didn’t eat it because I was a bit sceptical). The plate was further decorated with raspberry chunks. The cake, again, like all others, was moist and each bite well coated in toffee. I found the toffee flavour to be bold, and accurately depicted. It was delicious!

That officially marks the end of this food review!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I am almost certain, you’ll be on your way to Argenti soon. I think I will be back even sooner! See you there

10 thoughts on “Food @ Argenti Restaurant – Riverside.

  1. Carole says:

    Hey..i love your posts so much. So how much was the red velvet cake and did you ask if they make cakes?

    • Thank you so much. It was 700 I think. No. I haven’t yet found out. Lemme get back to you on that

  2. Michelle Meeme says:

    First of all, I’m loving the layout! It’s simple and beautiful! The pictures are stunning. Definitely visually stimulating. I’m not a fan of red velvet, but I want to try this one out. Great review!

    • Thank you so much. I am glad you like it! I think red velvet is nice; depending on where you take it.

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