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I visited Adega Restaurant at Lavington Curve Mall and got to try some of their menu items. In case, you didn’t see the post about the restaurant ambience, you can read it here.

Below is the food menu for Adega Restaurant. The menu is actually like a small magazine. Adega has refused to specialise and hence offers a taste of Portugal for each food variation.

In fact, they have segmented the ‘menu magazine’ to starters, tempura, light meals, vegetarian, pizza, pasta, seafood, shellfish, combos, poultry,meat, kiddies, desserts, cold beverages, hot beverages and virgin tails (mocktails -non-alcoholic).
There exists a separate menu for the alcohol they serve. (wines, beers, cocktails and various spirits). This is a new addition as they didn’t serve alcohol before.


As we waited for our food, we sipped on an Adega Sunrise mocktail @ 300/= and a strawberry mojito @ 350/=.

The sunrise mocktail was beautifully served in a glass rimmed with sugar, topped with a slice of lime and a mint leaf. I love lime juice and so ended up loving this drink. Refreshing, beautiful and tasty! I liked that it wasn’t too sweet allowing you to sip it even with your food. The name sunrise comes from its colours. Doesn’t it look like a sunrise?

The strawberry mojito looked more like a slushee and was topped with a strawberry. This drink consists of strawberries, mint and sliced lemons. It was very cold, refreshing and not overwhelmingly sweet!

We ordered a vegetarian starter: vegetable rissole @ 450/= . It consists of sautéed vegetables in a creamy sauce that have been packed in soft pastry pockets and fried. The dish comes with a heap of delicious, grated, fried potatoes. These potatoes are well-seasoned and taste just like crisps. There was also a coleslaw salad (cabbage, carrots & bell peppers (hoho)) that was delicious, fresh and crunchy.

At first sight, I thought the grated potatoes were a variation of desiccated coconut. However, the proper salt seasoning made me doubt my instincts and asked for clarification from the very helpful waiters. Yes guys, grated & fried potatoes is a thing!

I am sure the vegetables that were in these pockets are: carrots, onions and zucchini. In case there were any others, I guess they melted away in my mouth with the creamy sauce. I was certain this thick creamy sauce was cheese until I re-read the menu description. This light, delicious snack adequately prepared our palette for what was to come.

Did you know the restaurant gives, butter, chilies and a basket of soft, fresh buns with every meal?

We dug into these buns without any reservations and before long, the main course was with us. Kimani had ordered the Adega Signature LM style Half Chicken @ 1150/= and I had the Fish n chips @ 1200/=.

It was evident from the start that Kimani’s meal was more than mine. His half chicken was presented with a pile of colorful vegetable rice, some cream of spinach, sautéed vegetables, a salad, butternut puree and a lemon wedge. Seems a bit much isn’t it?

But for 1150/=, that’s a quite the deal! The cream of spinach was fresh,creamy and well-seasoned. I believe I would eat a whole bowl if given the chance! The sautéed vegetables (cauliflower, carrots and courgettes) were great. However, my favourite sautéed vegetables remains at Charlie’s Bistro. Remember that post? (see here). I don’t know how they make it! Nonetheless, the Adega vegetables were well cooked, tasty and well seasoned!

The dollop of butternut puree confused me a little bit. I felt the plate already had quite a lot going on and this seemed misplaced. That not withstanding, I thought it was delicious and had just enough salt! The coleslaw like the one that came with the starter was just as good!

The colourful rice decorated with peas, French beans and carrots was well cooked and tasted superb! Now the chicken was nothing short of amazing. Believe it or not, it tops the one I had at Argenti (see here). It was soft, deeply marinated in true Mozambican fashion and then grilled. Each part was tender and well seasoned. The punch of flavour was incredible, and the portion quitegenerous. You have to try this chicken out guys!

My tilapia fish and chips was as good as the chicken. I must say: Adega knows what it’s doing! The fish is deeply marinated in ‘adegas own spices’, then fried. Even if it wasn’t for the lemon wedge provided, to add desired flavour to your fish, I would still say it cuts close to PERFECT. The spices hiding behind the name ‘adegas own spices’ need to be revealed. I want to eat fish like that daily! Soft and well seasoned! The fish was not too chewy or raw but just right!

The fries were neither soggy nor dry but cooked perfectly. This dish also comes with the famous Adega coleslaw that is fresh and delicious.

After adequately recovering from the damage done, we were ready for dessert. Kimani had the Sally Williams Iced nougat and berry terrine @ 550/= while I had créme caramel @ 450/=.

Nougat is a sticky kind of sweet made from nuts, egg whites and sugar/honey giving forth a sweet-nutty-chewy substance. Think of a lollipop with no gum but a chewy centre that disappears. Adega doesn’t just stop there! They make sure you have some more. They serve this with a berry terrine; which is essentially gelatin, sugar, cream and berries.

I have never had anything like this before; making this quite an experience. I think the taste was delicious especially when you take a little bit of the nougat and eat it with the cold, sweet berry terrine. It is really sweet and has a nice nutty taste from the nougat. It is served with a sliced strawberry.

The dessert I had was actually way sweeter! Créme caramel is a custard dessert with a layer of caramel on top. This was the epitome of sweet.

I know I have a sweet tooth but I didn’t know it would be that sweet, rich and different. I can’t say I am a huge fan of custard but- I think anyone who enjoys a REALLY sweet treat and loves custard, will be inseparable from this. The plate is decorated with thin apple slices.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the food I had, especially the dessert!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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