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In an effort to include other kinds of posts, here is a new post from the series that began last month – FIVE THOUGHTS. It’s about all that I’ve noticed in the Central Business District food scene. This might be becoming my favourite kind of post. Maybe we could have it bimonthly or monthly. You guys will let me know. You could also let me know what kind of information you’d like to see on Five Thoughts. 

Let’s begin:


There’s a friend of mine who convinced me that one of the chips n chicken joints she frequents (K-Chick) has undoubtedly the best chips masala. I had been to this said joint but hadn’t tried their masala. If you follow this blog religiously, you know I have my reservations about chilli but love spicy. Yes. There’s a difference. To cut a long story short, I tried it, almost died and vowed to keep going for my usual chips n chicken. My friend on the other hand, is still very loyal. A few months later, I tried the neighbouring chips & chicken joint because K-Chick had a full house. The neighbouring one looked fancier and gave the impression that, my usual chips n chicken would cost more.

Though I was skeptical, the sitting space was much larger, it was well lit and I couldn’t see the kitchen. All signs of a more organised place. After that day, I had a conversation with myself and was able to decide this would be my new joint. Mc-Dee has since been my spot. I may spend 10 or 20 shillings more on my chips but it’s worth it.  

One day, I saw their well packaged chips masala being devoured by a customer. I then proceeded to count the number of customers who were having it and promised to inquire about it the next time I was there. True to this, I researched and found out I could have it chilli-free. IMAGINE! The same masala/mchuuzi but no chilli. It’s safe to say that all my money has been spent on this chips masala ever since. It is absolutely amazing and only costs 150/=. I must be honest though – they don’t put any salt so you have to season it yourself. It can be very annoying but trust me, it’s worth it. Nowadays, I don’t even  notice.

P.S: Mc-Dee has a fresh food section with amazing pilau for 200/=.

I won’t talk about my bad chips masala experiences because they don’t deserve any attention. Yes. We see those restaurants that put dhania and tomato sauce on regular chips and call it chips masala. Feel very ashamed!




After a chips masala date with one of my friends, I saw this restaurant in the same building and thought to myself: ‘I have to come here soon.’ Unfortunately, my soon has never come as I always get there, look at Mc-Dees, think of the chips masala and just proceed to the counter. However, if the online reviews are anything to go by, then it is quite an amazing place. Think of a Kilimanjaro Restaurant with a hint of CJ’s and a side of Africa. That’s what this place looks like to me. I can’t wait to try the African dishes everyone is raving about. The Somalis have their restaurants. The likes of Kilimanjaro, Yemeni, Al-Yusra and Pronto. I think this one can be the Kenyan version of that. See their Facebook page here and their Google photos & reviews here



Moody’s is located at Jubilee Exchange House on Mama Ngina Street. The decor looks quite fancy so I hope their food lives up to these looks. From what I’m seeing online, it is similar to Java/ Cafe Deli/ Dream Bean. You can see more on their Instagram page here or their Facebook page here or even see the Google photos & reviews here



The first time I saw this I thought no way! They have nearly the same name as me. I was pretty confused to be honest and some of you even thought we had moved up to higher grounds. Though that is not the case, I pray God hears those wishes. Kulan isn’t my restaurant and unfortunately has nothing to do with Kulanini. It is just another restaurant to me. A cosy space that closely resembles the CJ’s setting. See more on their Facebook page here or their Instagram page here or even see the Google photos & reviews here



I’ve noticed some restaurants in the C.B.D have twins in other parts of the town.

  • Pronto Restaurant  – (Standard Street & Kimathi Street)
  • Pekeshe Coffee House – ( Mama Ngina Street & Uchumi House)
  • Kaldis Coffee House –  (Kimathi Street & Harambee Avenue) 
  • Apple Green Restaurant – (Tom Mboya Street & Utalii Lane) 

There may be more than two but these are the ones I’ve come across. I’ve never eaten anything in these restaurants before but I’m guessing, if there are two then they must be good. Fast food joints like Big Square or KFC are common to many so I won’t talk about those. 


Dream Bean House & Noma Caffe are absolutely amazing. At least, I’ve had amazing experiences here. Plus, they are very affordable. See their respective Facebook pages hereandhere. I won’t say to much about them because they genuinely deserve posts on their own.


Altona Fish & Chips on Tom Mboya Street (behind National Archives) has the best kachumbari I’ve ever had. Get this: it doesn’t even look like kachumbari!  It’s so good, they won’t even let you see it. It’s 5/= and is thrown on top of your steaming hot chips then rolled in the usual paper and handed to you. By the time you’re finding a seat and opening up the goodness, you can’t tell what it is. It’s simply chips with a tasty sauce on top. What I’m sure it has is green peppers (hoho) and dhania. The rest I’m not sure. I think it’s brown in colour but even that, is a wild guess. 

THE BEST PART: It’s NOT chilli! The last time I was here, I think I had 20 bob worth of kachumbari on my 80 bob chips and was so happy. Seriously, I was genuinely content with my life and the choice I had made. I won’t talk about anything else here because I just can’t dare water down the joy I have for that kachumbari. A good friend showed it to me. Make sure you don’t keep this same goodness to yourself. 

All pictures on this post are courtesy of Google Photos, the restaurant customers or the restaurant themselves. 

I haven’t had a chance to visit most of these places but hope your experiences in the comment section, can guide me and other readers through. Feel free to correct any inaccurate fact mentioned. It’s posts like these that remind me how much work I have or make me question people who eat at KFC every time they are in town or Java. Not that there’s anything wrong with those places but don’t be duped. 

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