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‘Five Thoughts’ articles highlight five thoughts on a food related topic. Read other articles in this series here. Today, the topic is Fries /Chips. I have sampled fries at popular fast food joints as well as less popular ones. I am now here to bring you my two cents, or rather, five cents 😉 on this greasy affair. If someone ever tells you they don’t like fries, I reckon they are lying to you. You may need to send them this post before they continue hating on the worlds’ most loved vegetable. They are probably brand ambassadors for vegetables like carrots, cabbage or cauliflower that don’t get the hype potatoes get.

The first three tips will be PSAs (Public Service Announcemets) to restaurants and the last two will be to consumers.


I mean, if I wanted the skin on my fries I would ask for the entire potato to be dunked in hot oil. Having to bite off the bad parts of a chip or looking for bad fries before indulging, is a serious turn-off. Just get me clean fries; thanks. I hope the fast fod joints in town hear me. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if you will give me a bucket of fries for 80/= if half of them have black spots or are spoilt and I’ll take half an hour trying to figure out what is edibe. In that half an hour, the actual edible ones will have cooled and will taste like paper. Fries at the realy cheap places tend to have a time period when they are actually edible. Any time past that, and you have an entirely different meal.


Those who have thin fries often, may not know the struggle of biting into a chip that has the texture of a soggy apple. The fries should at least be cooked all through and with consistent heat so they don’t absorb the most oil. We already know they are unhealthy. We don’t need oil-dripping, soggy fries to remind us. In any case, some of the oil restaurants use is absolutely disgusting. Therefore, let’s not drench the potatoes more necessary. Potato crisps are fried and you don’t see them dripping in oil. It goes without saying but, change your oil and make sure it’s fresh too!



Unseasoned fries are really inedible. Go that extra mile and season your potatoes either right before frying or right after. I’m not saying you over-salt them but give the potatoes some flavour so that we know it’s a potato. Otherwise, it’s like eating an unsalted avocado which we all know is just absurd!

These next two tips are mainly for consumers. 


Nowadays, you can have cheesy fries, garlic fries, onion fries etc. There is a wide variety. You don’t need to have plain chips January to January. If you do, yet you claim to be a potato-lover, then maybe you need to review your title. A true potato lover also indulges in:

Spice Dada – Loaded Fries (between 550/= and 800/=),

Kalunj Kitchen – Onion & Garlic Fries ( 150/=),

Roaming Gourmet – Garlic-Paprika Potato Wedges (between 200/= and 250/=),

Uncle Nene’s – Loaded Fries (between 550/= and 750/=),

Bwibo Dishes – Loaded Fries (650/=)

All the above operate Cloud Kitchens. I don’t have any recommendations for restaurants when it comes to unique fries. If you do, then kindly give recommendations in the comment section below. I’ll really appreciate it. I know Java does loaded fries but I’m not sure if they are good.



Please, after we have adhered to all 4 above rules, let’s not pour flavourless-red-water on our fries in the name of tomato sauce. What’s the point? In fact, sauce shouldn’t drip through to the bottom just making the fries wet. It should stick to the chips so you eat it with the fries and not drink it after eating the fries. It really bugs me when restaurants don’t have proper ketchup. I mean, I get that it’s expensive but put it there and I’ll pay. It bugs me even more when people feel obligated to put terrible sauce or ketchup on perfectly good fries. Therefore, I often have my fries with salt only. It’s way better than having them with the chemicals that brands are calling sauce. For me, it’s either Heinz ( shout out to Galitos, KFC and Chicken Inn) or Kaputei Pizza Sauce (trust me, it’s the bomb even on non-pizza meals).

I recently sampled Chicken Inn, Galitos and KFC fries and posted on my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Make sure you’re following so you don’t miss out! Which place do you think rated ‘Best Fries’ and why? I’m honestly torn between Chicken Inn and KFC. I need to give Galitos another chance though. Someone recommended the Galitos Ngong Road fries so I’ll try that before I’m sure what I prefer. Until then, you can let me know your personal favourite spot for fries. Be it in the league for Altona and Sonford in town or KFC, Galitos, Chicken Inn or the Cloud Kitchens I’ve mentioned.

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by! 



  1. Caroline says:

    Great article with very informative news for chips lovers.

  2. Wendy says:

    Now I’m craving fries at 8.30 in the morning 😂

  3. Collins Marube says:


    Thank you for the awesome insights and consistency. When comparing KFC and Chicken Inn, KFC carries the day.

    • Thank you for reading Collins! Well, I might agree for the sake of the KFC sticky wings. Then again, Chicken Inn fries really are the bomb.

  4. ‘Dos and donts at chips’ fast food’ is the best title for this

    • Definitely but in an effort to stick to the series title, then I included the ‘Five Thoughts’ phrase. Thank you fr reading!

  5. Spice Dada says:

    Great article. Thanks so much for the shout out, I really appreciate it.

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