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 ‘Donuts world’ is a 2 in 1 establishment – café, bakery and restaurant.

It is located on Muthithi road; right after the Mpaka road junction on your left as you approach Westlands or before the mpaka road junction on your right if your coming from Westlands.
They not only specialise in donuts and pastries; but are also a full swing restaurant that serves meals and drinks e.g.

  • Breakfast,
  • Soups,
  • Salads,
  • Sandwiches,
  • Pasta,
  • Platters To Share,
  • Main Course Meals,
  • Milkshakes,
  • Juices,
  • Mocktails,
  • Smoothies,
  • A Variety Of Pastries (Doughnuts, Cookies, Croissants, Muffins Etc.)
  • Tea And Coffee,
  • Health Drinks.

The place is very large and provides both inside and outside seating; allowing it to accommodate a large number of people very comfortably.

It also has a large kids playing area which is a big plus for people with kids.

Not only is the restaurant clean and well designed; but also, the toilets are a sight to behold! Well done ‘Donuts world’.

The waiters were very kind and welcoming to my friends and I. I noticed they weren’t standing in groups giggling like you would find in most restaurants, but, were spread throughout the whole restaurant at their respective posts; despite the scarcity of people in the establishment.

I think ‘donuts world’ is more or less affordable IF AND ONLY IF, you consider the location (Westlands isn’t necessarily a cheap place to have space), beauty, comfortability, cleanliness, space and the attention to detail; all of which, make you temporarily forget how much money you fork out. Besides that, yes. It’s actually quite pricey.  Then again I am a student and we are known to always be a couple of thousands short. Therefore, the working class can ignore this paragraph. However, students and hustlers, are advised to save for some time before walking in here.

I know we have all had those days where it doesn’t matter how much an item is; you convince yourself that it’s your day to treat yourself. (Then that night you tell yourself… “I really need to stop spending money like this.” So that week, because your broke and your conscience is haunting you, – you eat a banana and soda for lunch just to recover; until you finally forgive yourself and return to your crooked ways.) It’s a cycle. Well, I know its my cycle for sure!

I didn’t want to post pictures of their entire menu because it had several pages. However, this is the short of it:
The lowest priced item is as low as 100/= for a nice cookie.

Fancier pastries like muffins or croissants are about 250/= while Danish and pastries (cakes, rolls, tarts, brownies) range from 300/= to 450/=

Savoury pastries such as pies and pates range from 250/= to 300/=

Salads range from 650/= to 950/= (I know I was surprised too!)

Coffee and tea range from about 170/= to 350/= for fancier options like cappuccino, masala tea and the like.

Milkshakes and Health Drinks are about 400/= while Juices and Mocktails are 500/=

Sandwiches are between 750/= to 1350/=

Breakfast and Meals are from 1000/= to 1400/= while platters are from 2,000/= to 4.000/= depending on the kind.

Desserts are all 650/= (from ‘om aly’ … whatever that is, to even fruit salad. (Allow me just to say that this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! Fruit salad at 650/=! Come on! Be it Westlands or Machakos, a banana is never more than 10/= and a mango is barely 30/=. But anyway… I guess that’s Westlands for you.))

Chips/fries are 350/= so that should guide you well enough.

‘Donuts world’ is a great place; especially for business meetings, dates (wink wink to all the couples out there), and even a snack with your friends. I just don’t think you can be a regular at a place like this! Its a bit too fancy for that.

See my experiences at ‘donuts world’ below:

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Name the fanciest place you know that is great in all aspects?

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