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A ‘donut hole’ is the centre part of the doughnut that’s removed to make the doughnut, a doughnut. Arrgh that doesn’t make sense. Well just know, it is what was at the centre before the hole came to be!‘Donuts world’ has a VERY wide selection of doughnuts. From filled to raised and even twist donuts among several others I really can’t remember.

Unfortunately, not all the doughnut varieties on the menu were available when I went; which was disappointing. Then again, a couple of pastries were not there; which was even MORE disappointing. This made me feel like they probably had a lot of other items that were also not available; but present on the menu. I think it’s acceptable not to have one or two items on the menu because of issues with suppliers or maybe unfavourable weather conditions. But to have over 5 items not available, is a whole other story. In that case, you should have a totally different menu and a temporary one for the items that are not always available!

Anyway, I settled for the donut holes because I really wanted to try as many things as possible on a fixed budget. They come in different flavours, allowing me to explore a variety of flavours instead of one doughnut with just one flavour; which was pretty exciting. I am such an indecisive person especially when it comes to eating because I always want to make the perfect choice. The unavailability of most items that had captured my attention, made it easier for me to narrow down to donut holes

The donut holes were 5 (pieces) at 200/=. They were AMAZING. This is not an exaggeration but the truth. They weren’t too dry inside but just right. You don’t feel like taking water immediately after cause of dryness or sweetness but it melts in your mouth perfectly. The flavours I had were:

1. Chocolate … it was actual chocolate. Most bakeries put a mixture of drinking chocolate and something, but this one, was actual chocolate that was also not too sweet or too hard or too soft.

2. Crumb… This had a cinnamon and sugar-coating. True to its name, It was crumbly but had a great texture.

3. Glazed… was wonderful. Probably my best. Vanilla doughnut glazed with sugar and honey giving it a pretty white glaze that breaks when you sink your teeth in.

4. Sugar was good. The ball is rolled in sugar; giving it a nice shimmer. However, I had a problem with it similar to the problem I had with the dried coconut one below.

5. Dried coconut had very tasty coconut coating that had stuck to the doughnut like glue. I really do mean that. Great crunch and well coated over the whole doughnut. However, (and this is a big downside), it was too greasy on the inside. It had too much margarine or blue band or butter that was so overpowering, it felt like I was eating butter and not a pastry made with butter.

I actually feel like it was a mistake. Maybe the dough didn’t knead well; so a ball of butter ended up not spreading. It then melted when cooking, making those particular ones too buttery. I really do hope it was a mistake; because it was only the sugar and coconut one that were like that. The rest were perfect. Therefore, we give them the benefit of doubt and say, it could have been a mistake.
Going by the ‘donut balls’, I would confidently recommend this place to anyone. Freshness of pastries is a big issue with most pastry providers but these guys have outdone themselves. I automatically assume that their pastries are all just as tasty and fresh.

I will definitely go back to sample more items on their menu when my pocket allows it (especially their food) then let you know how it goes.

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Where is your favourite doughnut or pastry place? I would love to know!

Have you ever had doughnuts here? What was it like?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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