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I have been away for a while because of school pressures but now I am back! As I mentioned in the previous post, there was one more post on cakes! Today’s post is all about a Langata based home baker – Njeri Mwangi. Her company, Chocolate Hut, has been baking a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes and cookies since 2015. The website: here has full details on the same.

Njeri’s story is different from most in that, she just completed her fourth year exams! Congratulations Njeri! Her passion for baking was balanced with a B.Com Degree at Strathmore University. Chocolate Hut has greatly been supported by friends and family by being her main customers. When I approached her for a review, I wasn’t quite sure that someone with a website like hers or an Instagram page like hers would want a feature on a growing website like Kulanini.

Much to my surprise, she agreed and invited me to her home to watch the magic happen. If you look at the picture in the beginning, you would think that the cake was baked in a professional bakery with top of the range equipment. You are about to witness her make this cake in her mothers kitchen with a normal oven and normal ingredients.

Before I even continue, can we just appreciate how this millennial generation is doing the most in terms of nurturing their talents? It’s amazing to see people go after what they believe in rather than what the ‘society’ terms as a good career. Well done Njeri! Chocolate Hut is encouraging several other young people to go after their dreams! Including Kulanini!

As she measured the ingredients, I couldn’t help but imagine, what if, I lived here or was her sister? The things I’d get to eat. Hmmmm I can’t even begin to comprehend. The house smells better than the bakery section of a supermarket! Anyway, lets focus. Njeri decided to bake me a chocolate fudge cake for the feature. She says that chocolate cakes always work out well for her and finds them easy to make; plus, they always come out perfect! See that confidence?

Apart from chocolate cakes, she does several other flavours. From carrot to coconut, banana and even blueberry! See her flavours here. Have I ever told you guys how much I love bananas? I won’t even begin to explain the love. Lets just say, when I see bananas being sold on the streets, I get really excited.

The Chocolate Hut Price list can be found below:

Just like Samantha of Little Cake Girl (see that review here), Chocolate Hut doesn’t shy away from any baking challenge. I witnessed her try bake a coconut chocolate fudge cake that turned out amazing! In fact, if you like coconut cakes then do yourself a favour and insist that she bakes the same for you! You can tell that she is right where she wants to be as she is baking those cakes. Her website doesn’t joke when it says she bakes with love! Her passion with every whisk, tells it all! I urge you to peep into her creativity by ordering even cupcakes from her.

Njeri confided in me that she tastes cakes from other bakers to see what other people do and how she can get better. Imagine, as good as she is, she is still humble enough to learn from others. This baking talent didn’t just fall from the sky. She had interest, would research and then bake cakes at home. Once people found out that she can bake, she would get orders. In order to improve her craft, she went ahead to do a baking course.

In case you think I am gassing Njeri up, then let me tell you this: power went mid-stream as she was baking. Being a home-baker, of course she has no control over that. However, she managed the situation well and made sure the cake still came out perfect. I won’t tell you how. You just have to order a cake from her and ask her then! Now tell me, if power goes, and you still manage to get the promised product, then isn’t that talent? P.S: It came back like 40 minutes later.

On to the amazing cake now. Believe me when I say: I have never tasted such a rich, moist chocolate fudge cake. Some fudge cakes are almost like marble cakes. In that, they have very little chocolate. Chocolate Hut however, doesn’t play when they say they got your chocolate cakes covered! since chcocolate fudge cakes are not like normal cakes, there is a whole different consistency. It’s like a moist brownie or chocolate ball with a cake texture.

There were two layers of cake with chocolate ganache in between & on the outside. Did you know a chocolate fudge cake is very different from a chocolate cake? It is fluffier, richer, more chocolate-y and definitely ten times better!

Truth be told, you should only order this cake if you’re a die-hard chocolate lover. I mean, it’s nice and all but that chocolate needs a calling! I was lucky enough to carry some home to my chocolate-loving little sister (aged 11) and all she said was: “Now that’s a chocolate cake!” Are you up for the challenge too?

The cake in itself wasn’t too sweet. It was tasty but not un-bearably sweet. I reckon my mum who is keen on sugary things loving such a cake. As much as the cake wasn’t too sweet, it had a strong-chocolatey taste with the icing being slightly sweet. I think that this balance made a perfect marriage! I have had the fudge at Java and at some point the sugar is just too much. Yes. Her cake is better than Javas. It’s just right!

That’s all I had for you today. Follow @the_chocolate_hut_ on Instagram and call 0714133727 to place your order.

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