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The title of this post may put off many;  but for the few still reading this because pork is amazing no matter what anyone says, lets dive in! Shall we?

Seriously though, there’s more than just pork so please keep reading!

This is the follow up food post to my last post. Click here to see. Charlie’s Bistro is a new restaurant at South End Mall. It is right opposite T-mall and is accessed from Mbagathi road. I already talked about how amazing the ambience, furniture, decor and even washrooms are in my last post. Here, we will dwell on the food.

The food and drinks menu is extremely extensive! However, it is not child-friendly. I didn’t see a kids section. Then again, not many people who come here have kids. Below is the food and drink menu.

The menu is extensive with several vegetarian options! There are breakfast options, pastries and desserts, various hot drinks from the coffee bar, milkshakes, frappes (non-dairy), salads, soups, appetizers, pizza, burger, sandwiches and main course  meals ranging from vegetarian, pork, beef, chicken, meatballs, prawns, fish e.t.c.

I won’t go on and on about how amazing this menu is; but,  just let you go through the it and see the extensive variety they have! It’s truly amazing.

I am not one to take appetizers because I never have enough money for it, and often find it pointless to eat something so good in an annoyingly small portion. Just give me a plate of it. I will still eat! Anyway, that’s a personal preference, and my impatience refusing to give in.

My companion convinced me to try the nachos; swearing they would make me go back to Charlie’s and start giving appetizers a chance. Well, she was right. They did make me want to go back. That’s for sure! We ordered the beef nachos at 900/=.

The tortilla chips (corn chips) had sour cream, guacamole, salsa (kachumbari), mexican fried chilli (mild) bean purée mixed with tasty beef strips . Those were the best nachos I have ever had. The presentation was unique and helped you maneuver through the sauces to the meat; while still picking a little of everything.

The taste was superb with every item being fresh, well prepared and properly seasoned. The flavors married most beautifully and the portion was very generous. If you order this alone, you will actually be too full too have a anything more. It will end up being your main course. I was lucky to have shared it with my companion so, still managed to have space for the main course.

We were both feeling like pork as a main course that day, and so decided to go for the orange-mustard pork chops and Tex-mex grilled pork.

My oh my! It was the biggest mouth bomb ever! The flavor, marination, portion, plating was all on point for both these dishes. They were each 1,450/=

My orange-mustard pork chops came with a side of homemade tomato sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and a sauté of vegetables (broccoli,carrot, french beans, cauliflower and zucchini). The sauce was a little acidic but still very tasty. I actually managed to eat like half of it before realizing my food wasn’t even dry and so didn’t really need the sauce. Imagine a dish that doesn’t need more ketchup or a side sauce or gravy!

If I was fed those kind of mashed potatoes growing up, I would love mash so much. It was creamy, filled with flavor, well seasoned, was a great portion and was well presented. I will actually order mashed potatoes as my accompaniment any time am here. It’s healthy and tasty! Double wow!

The veggies, were crunchy (emphasis on the crunchy), fresh and well seasoned with a few herbs and spices. It wasn’t your ordinary sautéed veggies. The punch of flavorful the ingredients used gave, made all the difference.

Now the pork! Talk about marination on point! I could taste the orange mustard marination which made me all the more content. The marinade, blended in so well with the pork flavor giving my taste buds quite a performance! It was made tender and moist; allowing the knife to slice through it so neatly without much effort.

The grilled Tex mex pork chops were a force to reckon with. That Tex-mex barbecue sauce was delicious. This pork came with Tex-mex bbq sauce, spicy potato wedges and a garden salad.

The garden salad consisted: apples, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber in a homemade vinaigrette dressing. The crunchiness, freshness and flavor explosion, made me want a side bowl of just the salad. Maybe it was cause it had a generous amount of apples. Either way, apples or not, it was still very tasty.

Spicy potato wedges were very eye-enticing. They were packed with flavor from sauce and spice that all complemented one another, to bring together a delicious accompaniment. I honestly can’t say which was better between this and the mash. You just have to try it yourself.

Tex-mex barbecue pork chops were a big win for me. I  would probably give them half a point more than my orange mustard pork. That sauce was a perfect balance between sweet and savoury. It soaked the pork in this finger-licking marinade making it, like mine, juicy and tender. Imagine a bite of those saucy wedges, a bit of the pork, and you throw in the apple, all at once! I won’t even torture you further by trying to imagine what’s that like. Know that it’s simply the best.

The ladies seated next to me allowed me to take these amazing shots of their stuffed grilled chicken meal. How kind! I didn’t taste it but, the plates went back empty. I therefore, concluded that it was indeed delicious! It was visually stunning and the green pesto sauce coating the chicken, gave quite the visual contrast!

This meal goes for 1200/= and in their case, came with the famous spicy potato wedges. The chicken is stuffed with amazing ingredients that will blow your mind away. Ready? So there is  roasted capsicum (hoho), sun-dried tomato, mozzarella cheese and spinach! That’s not all, its then coated in a beautiful pesto sauce (green) marinade.

Apart from the food, we also had drinks. There are 4 drinks we had. I will start with the non-alcoholic ones…

I had a soft coolade (check drinks menu). I chose the Cherry-Bubblegum slushee- 500/=. It was supposed to have cherry and bubblegum nectar’s intermingled with cranberry, grapefruit and lime juices. Now I don’t know what part of the menu I didn’t read correctly, because this drink was really bitter. You would think a shot of vodka had been poured into it. It was really a disappointment. I think too much of lime or something was put so it didn’t turn out as expected. Since I like how amazing it sounds, I will definitely give it another shot next time. I am sure it was a mistake.

My companion had the famous dawa (virgin) as she was nursing a serious cold.

For the cocktails, we ordered from the Gigantic Seven menu. These are the most famous; as they come in gigantic glasses! There was the Green ‘Safari Sevens’ and the colorful ‘Carribean Connect’.

Safari sevens consists 3 white spirits, 2 liqueurs, peach and apple schnapps shaken with  castor syrup, stepped with green tea topped with fresh orange and pineapple juices. All the flavours can individually be tasted and they intermingle to create this amazing cocktail.

The Carribrean Connect has almond liqueur, barcadi light, peppermint liquer, mango and pineapple flavours, tri layered in blue gold and green colors. Like the safari sevens, it was very nice.

Charlie’s cocktails are known to be pretty strong unless you request otherwise. Be sure to eat some pork, nachos or spicy fries before sipping these attractive drinks. Otherwise, you will probably be crawling home. Happy hour is from 4 p.m to 7 p.m daily with all their cocktails going for 500/=.

I don’t know about you, but after reading a review like this, I would head over to Charlie’s right this minute!

My advice is: Order an appetizer.
If  you don’t, you will feel like the portion is a tad bit small. I loved every bit of my experience at this restaurant. One thing I always look out for, is the taste of the food. They didn’t disappoint in this arena! Definitely worth my money.

Anyway guys, Thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to let me know in the comment section below:

Have you ever been to Charlie’s?

If Yes, what did you eat or drink?

If no, would you visit based on these two reviews?

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