Sandwiches & Lemonades on Madaraka Day.

Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by. Welcome to this sandwich and lemonade post!

My cousin; Joy, has been with me since I was born and has been the best cousin-sister-bestie that I could ever ask for. Yes. She is older than me by a year but we all have those people we refuse to believe are older than us. Case and point: Joy!
From family functions to lunch dates, holidays and even sleepovers on a few occasions; Joy has always been by my side.

Fortunately for her and unfortunately for me, last year, she left the country to go and study abroad. Expectedly, I was devastated; however, technology made it so much easier to stay in touch and make sure we still knew all about each others lives. Then again, family gatherings were never the same.

Fast forward to about 2 months ago; she is back in the country for holiday. We made a checklist of the things we need to do before she goes back and going to Pepino’s on Kimathi Street was one of them. Others included shopping, a fancy diner date scheduled for tomorrow (will let you know how that goes) and attending a concert together. The concert happened two weeks ago when we went for the amazing Wizkid concert at KICC.

At the time she got back, I was so busy with school as I was preparing to sit for my end of semester exams. We decided to meet on Madaraka Day because I was a bit free then, and figured town wouldn’t be as busy on a public holiday.

Joy (left) and me at the Wizkid Concert. (s/o to my other cousin Brenda at the back who unfortunately got cut)

This restaurant is a FIVE in ONE kind of place. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of all five combined and will therefore call it Pepino’s as that is what most people know it as. Pepino’s is a pizza restaurant that is one of the five. Apart from pizza (large-950, medium-750 and smal-550), they also sell pizza pies and subs that both go for 300/=.

The other four restaurants are:

  • Chicken House sells both grilled and breadcrumb fried chicken, burgers, chips, bhajia and chips masala.
  • Charley’s Cheese Steak sells sandwiches, lemonades, salads, tapanyaki rice (fried rice) and gourmet fries such as cheesy, spicy and even cheesy bacon fries.
  • Blueberry is a cake, drinks and ice cream kind of place. Fresh juice, slushees, milkshakes, a variety of cakes and pastries are also available
  • Coffee Lounge is your typical coffee shop with a variety of hot drinks and decadent pastries.

Pepino’s is a place you can actually get everything. Of course not steak and ribs kind of everything; but in the world of fast food, they’ve covered pretty much everything. See menu.

I am the kind of person who looks at everything on the menu before making a decision. Therefore, I made my cousin go with me to each and every restaurant at least twice, reading their menu before making a decision. In fact, Joy ordered her food while I was still roaming around trying to make a decision. Let’s just say an apology was involved.

Dear future husband,
I am indecisive. Please be patient as I interrogate the waiter about each menu item. My advice: Eat a little before we leave the house.
Love Laura.

The sandwiches we ordered were the small ones sold at 390/=. Medium sized sandwiches go for 450/=, while large sandwiches are 600/=.

There are various sandwich options e.g veggie, barbeque, periperi and teriyaki among others.  You have the option of having it with either Brown or white bread and with either meat or chicken.

Joy ordered a periperi chicken sandwich and a pineapple lemonade while I ordered a teriyaki beef sandwich with a mango lemonade.

The sandwiches were amazing. We enjoyed every bite. It was juicy, saucy, fresh and crunchy.

The sandwiches came with onions, peppers and cheese inside making the flavour ten times more amazing.

The Lemonades go for 250/=. This may seem a bit high but, I promise you they are so worth it! The varieties include: strawberry, mango, pineapple and passion. You can also opt for plain lemonade at 200/=.

Charley’s lemonades have chunks of fruit, lots of ice and a strong flavour of mango and pineapple respectively. They have a perfect sweet and sour balance making it good for people who have or don’t have a sweet tooth.

I can confidently say that this was the best sandwich and the best lemonade I have ever had. I don’t just say this for the sake of it; but I will be sure to let you know if I taste anything better.

We also ordered some chips from chicken house that weren’t so good so I don’t really want to dwell on it so much. As much as I haven’t talked about the other restaurants or how their food is, I have had the fried chicken at chicken house and I believe it’s way better than chicken inn. You should definitely give it a shot.

I will definitely go back and try their pizza, pastries and all they have and keep you posted.

For those of you who may not know, they have awesome deals every other day of the week:

  • Buy one get one free pizza every Tuessay and Thursday. Large pizza 1000/= and medium is 850/=
  • Large chicken tikka pizza only @ 800/= on Mondays.
  • Large margarita pizza only @ 800/= on Saturdays.
  • Large sweet veggie piza only @800/= on Fridays.
  • Two Large pizzas and two 2L sodas @ 1500/= on Sundays.
  • Pizza pie + 500ml soda @ 300/=.
  • One piece of chicken + chips + 500ml soda @ 300/= (everyday)
  • Three pieces of chicken + chips @ 400/= (everyday)
  • Buy a one kg cake and get a half of free on Wednesdays.
  • Mojitos @ 500/= everyday.
  • Buy one get one free smoothie @ 500/= everyday.

That’s all I had prepared for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to let me know in the comment section below; what you would like to see more of on kulanini and share with me your experience at any of the five restaurants at Pepino’s.

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Oh and remember to tell the people you love how much you love them. This was an appreciation post for my beloved cousin for all the encouragement and support she gives me even when I don’t deserve it. I pray God blesses her in all her endeavours. To many more adventures, storytelling, needless insults and laughter that is a bit too loud.

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