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I’ve known Panari Hotel along Mombasa Road for the longest time. In fact, I can’t imagine what that area looked like without this hotel. It’s well known for its ice-skating ring, cinema and now the infamous House of Leather store. Unfortunately, only the latter is available until further notice. Covid hit them hard and forced them to close the ANGA cinema, ice-skating ring, their famous Bar/Club; Shooters & Dips¬† and two of their restaurants. You can still visit them to: enjoy a meal at Black Gold Cafe, shop at House of Leather, host an event (e.g. Wedding Reception, Dinner Party) at their spacious conference room and of course book your overnight stay!

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According to the Kulanini Dictionary, a Food Vendor sells food online with no physical sitting space for their customers. This practice is commonly referred to as operating a ‘Cloud Kitchen’. They heavily invest in marketing, reliable delivery services and of course unique food. Since there is no physical sitting area, food vendor customers tend to have high expectations about the food quality, affordability & value for money. Quite a difficult balance for the vendor to achieve! Did I mention, the food needs to get to the customer hot with no spillages and great packaging? This business is definitely requires a certian level of passion.



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I have stubbornly come to the realisation that, the website revamp I’ve been working on, will never truly be 100% done, and ready to be launched. Therefore, why not just begin writing again and let the other minor details follow. To be fair, most of the heavy-lifting is done so, it’s only a few tweaks that I’m left with. Just writing these first sentences, has reminded me how much I enjoy writing. I’m genuinely glad to be back doing what I love and now, on a revamped site. More on this later… For now, let’s find out exactly where this creamy corner is.¬†

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Three weeks ago, Sarova Whitesands invited Kulanini to witness the re-lauch of one of their hotel restaurants from Lido Seafood & Grill to a trendy beach lounge – Lido lounge. They have actually been refurbishing the hotel so if you’ve not been there in the past three years, the change will be quite a surprise. In fact, now that I have mentioned refurbishing, let me talk about how incredible the room I was in was! A spacious sea facing room complete with a large bathroom, T.V, king size bed, spacious balcony, among several other amazing amenities. See the detailed room description here.


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After last weeks post, talking about this restaurant, we can now find out what to expect when we order certain menu items at this restaurant. Let me know though, what your safest (in terms of taste & quality) menu item to order normally is. For me, it’s chicken and chips. In terms of affordability, it’s always a burger or pizza. Is that the same for you? Let’s find out if this rule of mine can apply at The Place Restaurant in Windsor. In case you missed the restaurant post see it here

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