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Have you ever heard of the famous Geco Car Wash somewhere in Lavington? Well, the place has a cafe too! Not just any cafe selling coffee and dry pastries. The owner, Mateus Finato has dedicated this space to provide his customers with a wide variety of menu items, books to read and wine to drink! Without a doubt, Geco has set the bar for cafés a notch higher! Read on to discover more about Geco Café.

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Simple works of art – MARULA mercantile.

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Have you heard of Marula Mercantile on Marula Lane in Karen? It is an outdoor based restaurant that is what was once someone’s backyard. The best part about this space is the creative decor and design! Join me in finding out more about this space!

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hidden gem.

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I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Wasp and Sprout Café in Loresho, Nairobi. Hidden in what looks like regular apartments from the main road, is a true haven. The minute you walk in, a sense of calm is bestowed on you, and the hustle & bustle of the city seems to disappear. In fact, I would say it slowly disappears as you approach this Café. It isn’t near any high traffic road and is relatively ‘tucked-in’.

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