Indoors or outdoors?

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I love telling you about spaces ‘not-well-known’ to the public. Therefore, I am pretty excited to share this post with you. I recently found out about Lotos Inn & Suites on Mpaka Road in Westlands and of course dug a little deeper to find more on their restaurant. Their only restaurant is a beautiful garden restaurant offering more than just Chinese cuisine. Don’t worry, the restaurant is open to all & not just the guests staying at the suites.

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great portions.

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My cousin; Joy and I had a fancy dinner recently. Am sure you remember her from one of my previous posts. In case you missed it, see it here.

Taste of South Africa.

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From 24th to 28th April, Crowne Plaza Hotel (in Upperhill, Nairobi) in association with South African airways; hosted a South African food festival – to showcase a wide array of south African cuisines. A South African chef; Shimmy Sello, prepared all the wonderful meals. I attended the festival on Friday 28th April.
I want to share with you my experience and hopefully teach you a thing or two about South African food.
The hotel is pretty easy to get to with a matatu (public service vehicle) or even with a private car. For a matatu, board a vehicle going to upperhill and alight at Crowne plaza. See? It’s pretty simple!