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As promised, here is the food post accompanying the 45 Degrees Kitchen Restaurant Post. The famous 45 Degrees Kitchen is one of the only fine dining restaurants we have in Kenya and I hear, is named after the 45 degree angle that most chefs sharpen their knives at. The rustic restaurant with a simple design offers dishes founded on American dishes and greatly influenced by the Italian and French Cuisine.

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nyama choma & crepes


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I hope you’ve seen all the beautiful pictures from the restaurant post; The Little Things.

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with the girls

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Actually, this is a very delayed post. This ‘Valley Coffee Shake’ Lunch, happened months ago; at the beginning of the semester. At the time, the girls and I hadn’t seen each other in so long; courtesy of the public university-lecturer strike; that kept us home for so long. Therefore, in that spirit, we decided to spoil ourselves by, catching up over lunch at a nice place. It was an amazing ‘once in a while’ lunch. (A students budget cannot handle such expenses very often).(Shout out to all university students hustling!)’Valley Coffee Shake’ is located on a street between Muindi Mbingu street and Koinange street called Biashara street. It is in a building called: Yala Towers on fourth floor