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On Sunday 13th May, (Mother’s Day), Sarova Panafric launched for the first time ever, their weekly brunch from 12 p.m to 4 p.m. Those who follow Kulanini on Instagram, must have seen a few short clips from that day. With me, was Lucy from A Foodies Collective and Weveti Mwangi of FoodiescornerKE . They have both done video reviews of this launch so you can check them out on You Tube or click on their names above to be taken to their website or social media pages.


24 YEARS in westlands.

Hey there! Welcome to this post and thank you so much for stopping by! 

I have been going through a ‘writers-block’ kind of situation for about two weeks and so, haven’t been able to write or even post on social media. In as much as the content is there, I think I needed a short break to re-organise how I do things and of course, launch the new filter & find feature on the website. You can see it here. It is basically a feature that helps you find food. snacks and drinks based on the amount of money you want to spend. Not all the data I have collected has been entered. Therefore, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, keep checking back as I am always updating it. Additionally, if you have any ideas on its improvement, feel free to share them with me.  Continue reading “GIPSY RESTAURANT & BAR.”

EASY ON THE POCKET, Great on the tongue!

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This is the post following the latest one on The Garden Restaurant and Bar. Before we get into it, here is their Chinese food menu. In addition to this menu, they also have a continental menu for those who aren’t huge Chinese food fans.

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