flavour train

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My friends recently had lunch with me at the Talisman in Karen. We had such an amazing afternoon and am grateful to them for making this post happen.

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the story @ the grill

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Before we talk about what Ankole had to offer my companion and I from their grill, allow me to thank all of you. Kulanini was featured on yesterday’s DAILY NATION (08/09/17) in the SHOWBIZ section by Abigail Arunga. This is kinda sorta a big deal for Kulanini because it is the first “big” recognition Kulanini has ever received. For this, I am grateful to God above all, and to you; the Kulanini family for the endless encouragement, support and dedication. Asanteni sana. A big thank you Abigail Arunga for this surprise. I am very grateful.

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