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In the last blog post, I talked about my Restaurant experience at an Indian Restaurant at The Hub – The Mayura. In case you missed out on that post, you can read it here.

Remember me saying the experience I had was authentic and very ‘Indian’? Well, it was more than just the ambience, theme and decor that made this experience ‘one-to-remember’.

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pasta, pizza & lasagne.

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Following the last restaurant post on La Cascina, (here) below is the food post. Takah and I embarked on a Taste of Italy experience at La Cascina Restaurant at The Hub in Karen. Our experience was one of a kind. Join us, as we sample various italian dishes and for the first time on Kulanini, talk about pasta, pizza and lasagne.

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Being someone who lives on Mombasa road, I haven’t sampled as many food joints as an ordinary ‘nairobian’. Let’s face it: every other fancy attraction is just too far from home! (Mombasa road people ayee!) You can imagine me leaving the house, going all the way to ‘Two rivers’ or ‘Garden city’ or ‘The hub’ to eat something or see a new place. Already the fare or fuel spent is equivalent to the money I want to go and spend. Even the hustle I will go through to get there, makes it more impractical; unless I am with my parents or was already in the area doing something; then that’s fine. We typically get comfortable going to the same places along Mombasa road; which by the way, is about to get super cool with all the new food joints coming up (Burger king, Dominos pizza, Pizza Mojo and Big Square). That being said, I had never been to ‘ABC place’ along Waiyaki Way. Continue reading “Zucchini – ABC Place.”