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This post is very special because I did it with my friends: Ess and Jess who happen to be food vloggers! Their You Tube channel is here. Thanks guys for collaborating with Kulanini.

We decided to visit a nice little restaurant on Mombasa Road. CAPTAIN’S TERRACE. Many may know this name as a Casino or club but I am here to tell you that it isn’t just that! There is a full swing restaurant completely seperate on a terrace (hence the name) with a beautiful view of the National Park. Crazy right?

The restaurant logo is a seahorse and an anchor. A seahorse is basically a small marine fish. The name Terrace is because the restaurant is on a terrace (a raised, open, flat area) that faces the beautiful National Park. If your lucky, you can spot an animal.

The colours blue and white complement the ‘sea’ theme. The sitting options include: high seats, brown, wooden sisal woven seats and long blue and white couches.

The bar has a very unique design. See pictures below:

Lighting is provided for by the unique white & orange circular hanging lights.

Captain’s has accurately depicted the ‘ship’ theme that it’s name suggests (Captain – one in charge of the whole ship) by decorating the restaurant with features you would ordinarily find on a ship.

For example: pillars covered in sisal rope, compasses, maps and even a tented ceiling.

Each table is covered with a white cloth & a blue centre cloth and is decorated with a small, white pot of ‘baby breath’ flowers. These flowers are white and tiny but extremely beautiful. They are placed in a simple white vase that make them stand out even more.

Some of these white ‘baby breath’ flowers are placed in bottles as decor. Beautiful isn’t it?

Several green potted plants decorate the restaurant even further, to compliment the green vegetation in the national park.

The white screen is used to project tv channels and even sports matches.

They have a scooter made of sisal and binocular-periscope kind of thing to help you see into the National Park. Please tell me what this piece of equipment is called. I am so confused.

I rarely ever talk about the service. However, it is important to give credit where due. The staff here were extremely kind, served very well and ensured we were always comfortable.

The washrooms:

Below is their food and beverage menu.

As always, stay tuned for the food post which will be next!

I will let these pictures do the rest of the talking.

Thank you for stopping by!

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