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As you know, I have been trying to feature pastries on Kulanini because I realised, so many of us need a cake or a pastry, for one occasion or another. I am trying to balance food, restaurant, snack, kibanda etc. reviews (if you have any in mind, kindly nominate them in the comment section below.)  Please bear with me as I organise myself and enjoy yet another cake review! It’s all about creamy cakes and eye-catching decoration.

The best part about doing reviews is the fact that I get to meet amazing people. Nina and Emmanuel (Mpishi) both studied at the best culinary school in this country – Top Chef, and have a truck-load of experience at well-known establishments.

Nina was actually working in the medical field as a physiotherapist before downing her tools to pursue her true passion-cooking. Mpishi on the other hand, had always been in the cooking field. He moved from job to job seeking genuine fulfilment but realised, the changes and experiments he wanted to make and try in the, were not going to be actualized in employment.

It is then, that he partnered with his good friend Nina, from culinary school, to not only bake cakes, but also, be private chef tutors under the name Eliki. I mean, they are alumni of the best culinary school in the country. Therefore by extension, are the best tutors. They come to your kitchen, and teach you all you need to know about cooking.

The two have been known to create some of the most unique cakes the country has ever seen. In fact, some bakers have copied their decoration techniques in their bakeries! I will allow you to visit their pages to see exactly what I am talking about. Find mpishi (@mpishi) and Nina (@ninamuigai) to see the magnificent work of their hands.

I found out about the two through a good friend of mine who so happens to be one of the best food photographers in the country. If you follow Kulanini on Twitter or Instagram, I am sure you have an idea of who I am talking about. Sannie ( @Sanniesanford on IG) has been instrumental in the growth of Kulanini and the discovery of places and foods featured on this website. He told me how Mpishi does all his cakes and that is when I began to look for Emmanuel!

Nina and Emmanuel decided to bake me some cupcakes and a cake for the review! The cupcake flavours were: strawberry, chocolate & vanilla. Each were topped with a beautiful grey, white & turquoise vanilla buttercream. I would love to know what kind of cream you guys like. Personally, I like soft cream. I didn’t realise how soft cake cream could get until I had these cupcakes. In fact, the cream was so soft, it would start melting immediately it’s taken out of the fridge. I would say, it shouldn’t be out longer than an hour.


The cream tasted exactly like ice-cream, if not better. It melted in my mouth easily, to give a tasty vanilla flavour. I think this has to be the best frosting I have ever had. Flavour, texture, colour and even consistency was on point. Well done guys!

PRO TIP: Have a fridge ready to keep the cakes in, if you order cake with soft cream frosting!

Unfortunately, I found the chocolate cupcake to be a bit dense (I felt the cake was heavy in my mouth). It didn’t have the melt-in-your-mouth feeling chocolate cakes have. See the post on The Chocolate Hut and Little Cake Girl for reference. I felt like the sugar-chocolate balance in these cupcakes was a bit uneven leaving, a strange after-taste. People who love dark chocolate would enjoy this. As you know, I have such a sweet tooth, and so didn’t appreciate this unique taste. Not to worry though, this was more than made up for in the strawberry and vanilla cupcakes.

The strawberry cupcake was my favourite! The flavour was spot on strawberry. The pink colour contrasted well with the colour of the frosting and the cake had a nice fluffy texture. The vanilla on the other hand, was equally as good. I must say, if I had to choose between the two, strawberry would have been my favourite. Not because it’s way better but because of the unique flavour. When is the last time you had a real strawberry cake. Not a cake with red colour but a strawberry flavoured cake. I am guessing long. Treat your taste-buds to an authentic strawberry flavour by ordering their cupcakes. They go for 100/= and above.

The 2kg caramel cappuccino cake was the star of the show. It was beautifully decorated with strawberry slices and meringues. Caramel sauce was then lightly drizzled on top. There were two layers of coffee cake and a generous caramel buttercream in between. I thought the buttercream on the outside of the cake was the same as the one in between the layers. In fact, it was just as good as the one on the cupcakes.

Meringues are light, airy cookies made from egg whites and sugar. If you’ve never had one, then make sure you ask for them when you’re ordering your cake. They are the perfect definition of fulfilment in a bite. They look strong but, crumble to a thousand sweet pieces of goodness when little pressure is applied.

I thought the caramel buttercream flavour was confusing. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. It’s not like vanilla, it’s just delicious cream. Even with caramel ice-cream, I can never quite tell what I am eating. I think caramel should strictly be for ice-cream toppings, sweets and milkshakes. Do you agree? Either that, or the coffee flavour overpowered the caramel cream to the point, I couldn’t taste a thing. Nonetheless, the combination was amazing!

The coffee (cappuccino) flavour I speak of was everything. I mean, I am done with all other cake flavours. Let’s all just eat coffee cake from now on. Imagine such a flavourful coffee cake with cream that tastes like ice-cream and a cup of hot coffee. Mmmhhh! I won’t even torture my taste buds by trying to imagine it! Wow! It was a strong flavour that accurately depicted cappuccino.

As much as the cake flavour was the same throughout, I thought the layer at the bottom, had a stronger cappuccino flavour.

The texture of the cake wasn’t extremely moist as I would have wanted (you know how I have an obsession with overly moist cakes) but it was made up for by lots of cream. These chefs were not mean when they iced this cake. They knew it tasted like ice-cream and so had to make sure we had enough of it!

1 kg cakes start from 3,000/=, 2kg from 4,000/=, 3kg from 5,000/= and 4kg from 6,000/=

Let me know in the comment section below:

the kind of icing you like?

your favourite cake flavour? & 

how much icing you really like on your cake?

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