Celebrating with Some Cake.

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I don’t remember the last time I celebrated my birthday with a birthday cake and had a bunch of people sing for me. Do you?

The only recent memories most of us have of our birthdays’, are of:

  1. Eating at fancy places we can barely afford and forcing our friends to pay for themselves; (I mean, you can take yourself out, but don’t drag your whole squad only to force them to pay. Live within your means and treat your friends on a budget you can afford. They will decide if they want to buy you a gift or not!) taking beautiful pictures then maybe wasting the night in a fight or trying to get into a club or an event and most likely passing out when you finally get in or even way before, in the name of ‘pre-gaming’ and of course, the highlight of it  all: never remembering a thing the next day!
  2.  For others, its getting a cake and eating it with the family in the house, while drinking 4 o’clock tea and taking blurry pictures in your ‘relaxing clothes’ (defected clothes (torn or faded) that could have once been called ‘Sunday best’ but are now your pyjamas because Africans don’t believe in spending money on clothes your going to sleep in).

    (This is the best way!)
  3. For a few others, it involves travelling, hiking, doing one activity or another with a group of friends and maybe cutting a cake and having cream on your face; after-which, your face breaks out and you become temporarily depressed. (I know it happens to even the best of us).

Anyway, you catch my drift? Nowadays, (for most people past primary school) a birthday isn’t a day filled with lots of sweets, soda, biscuits, popcorns, crisps and lots of outdoor games; then finally cutting the cake with about 10 of your estate friends and cousins: (all calling you their best friend) while surrounding and pushing against a small coffee table (that’s basically your height) with a cake at the centre. (If you have never attended or celebrated a birthday like this, then maybe you don’t know what a birthday party is). Those were the days!

Fast forward to 2015, where a friend of a friend whose mum and brother…(you get the point?) was celebrating her daughters’ birthday party. A few kids took the cake round; and would look at you badly if you took more than one piece. I ate my miniature piece and was absolutely amazed! It was perfect! Right amount of sugar, cream and even the flavour of the cake was well pronounced! I think it must have been a lemon cake or something. I glanced at the older people who rarely finish their cake (because the sugar is apparently too much or its too creamy or they don’t eat cake anymore) and are looking for a young person to give; but I saw none. The cake finished in seconds! I got the contact to the lady who baked it: Muthoni; and swore I would never get a cake from anywhere else.

When my sister turned 9, I insisted we try order from her. True to my persuasion, we were not disappointed. She baked a three layer, 2 kg cake for my sister and gave 2 complimentary packs of delicious cookies as well! The cake flavours were red velvet, orange and chocolate. The presentation was beautiful, taste was on point and cream was actually delicious. The cake was nice and spongy(not compact and dry where you have to sip water with every bite. You know that’s where the whole soda and cake came from. Some cakes just can’t be eaten alone!) (Shout out to 90% of bakeries on ‘Tom Mboya Street’ and ‘Moi Avenue’)

Since, my sister is the youngest in the family, and is the only one who gets to have a cake on her birthday, we didn’t order from her again that year.

The following year, my sister celebrated her birthday at ‘Panari Sky Centre’ on Mombasa Road; that charges you more if you bring your own cake, but way less if you ask them to make the cake for you. For that matter, we didn’t order from Muthoni’s oven. Unfrotunately, the cake we were made for, was just sugar and cream. I was definitely disappointed, we didn’t stick with our home-girl!

This year, my sister turned 11. We didn’t waste time debating on where to order a cake from. Luckily, I could trace her back using the same number. I ordered a one kg cake with two layers ( red velvet and chocolate fudge) @3000/=. I know most of you will say that’s a bit expensive, but think of quality, and not the financial bit too much. Her cakes are very reasonably priced as seen here on her price list. In any case, I am better off forking out an extra 500/= if that means the cake will be edible and enjoyable; plus I won’t need to buy soda or water a.k.a (escorter) to take the cake down. IN MY VIEW, IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

The cream was light, soft, not greasy and not too sweet. It melts in your mouth so nicely and doesn’t leave your mouth feeling dry. The cakes were great! Moist, flavorful and rich. It’s amazing, how she is able to bring out the flavors so well, while maintaining a good sugar balance with both the cream and the cake.

Apart from the great cakes, the business has been set up very well. We were able to get such an amazing cake with just one days notice. The receptionist (Mary) is so kind and patient in helping you choose a flavour. Customer care is the face of any operation and I believe they have got that right! Communication was always clear and given in a timely manner making it so easy to deal with ‘Muthoni’s oven’. They are situated in Lavington but also deliver to wherever you are!

I don’t know about you but I think this lady, IS THE CAKE-PLUG. Visit her website for more information and be sure to share a picture of your cake or cookies before indulging!

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Come again soon!

I would love to know when you last celebrated your birthday with a cake and if so, where you order your cakes from; and what makes the person or place so good! Let me know, in the comment section below.

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0 thoughts on “Muthoni’s Oven – Bakery

  1. Victor Mukundi says:

    Man! I now feel the urge to celebrate my 21strumpet birthday like I used to when I was 10! Great blog.

    • Haha that’s the only way! Be sure to try Muthoni’s ovens cakes when you celebrate. They are really good. Thank you so much Victor!!

  2. Penny Onamu says:

    Definitely ordering from muthoni when the time comes??thank you

  3. Paul Einstein says:

    Nice piece Laura
    I love the cake ya estate back then msee hio siku kila mtu ni bff

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