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I have decided to feature more than just restaurants by incorporating bakers as well. Throughout this year, we will hopefully see a more all-rounded Kulanini website. First up is: Dees Creations. Join me in finding out how this student manages her baking side hustle!

Doreen Malasi of Dees Creations is a commerce student specialising in Human Resource (B.Com), who began baking as a hobby. It was only until her second year at Kenyatta University, that, people began to make orders. Dees Creations was then born. In her early baking days, she would post her creations on her personal Instagram account (#delightfully home-baked) for her friends and family to see.

Today, there is an instagram account dedicated to her brain-child: (@_dees_creations_) where she not only bakes cakes and cupcakes; but also, makes samosas, doughnuts, mahamri and so much more.

‘Dee’ is her family nick-name. She chose ‘creations’ as the second part because she was keen not to close herself to only cakes and baking. As a creative who plays with more than just cakes, she hopes to specialise in creative custom made cakes as well as explore the food industry.

Malasi doesn’t just bake cakes. She tries her best to understand what the client wants and turns that into a fresh work of art by, drawing inspiration from places, cloth designs, fabrics and even fashion trends. Has the journey been easy? Far from it.

As a home-based, self-taught baker, and full-time student, she reckons the challenges as being more than just a few. Product pricing, finding the balance between school and baking and even deceitful customers are some of the issues that she has faced. These however, have not deterred her from keeping on. She terms the journey as ‘difficult but worth it’. New Clients who appreciate her work are her sole motivation!

Despite the industry being a tad bit congested, she trusts good work eventually sells itself. Her social media page: (@_dees_creations) has really helped her reach a wider audience. I am counting on you guys to help her get an even better following!

To sample her work, I got a chocolate and lemon cake and red velvet cupcakes.

The red velvet cupcakes had a very nice texture. Moist cake with light, soft cream that had a beautiful presentation.  The red velvet flavour is generally not a bold strong flavour and so, I have never really liked it or understood it.

Maybe you guys could help me understand why this cake is so special despite the red colour. That not withstanding, it was a delicious cupcake. I can’t really relate it to anything but it tasted amazing. That’s for sure.

The lemon and chocolate cake, was very beautiful. I liked that the two layers weren’t seperated by a thick layer of cream. Instead, it was a moderate amount. The cream layer on the outside was also moderate and not too thick. Believe it or not, this cake was just under 1kg. I think some bakers cheat some of us because I have seen much smaller 1kg cakes.

The lemon cake was really tasty. However, I would have liked it more, if it was a bit more moist than it was. I don’t know what it is with me and overly moist cakes. I am sure on Kulanini’s Facebook page (@kulanini) you have seen the video with me & Have You Eaten Here, where I found sample red velvet cakes a bit dry when everyone else thought they were moist. (see here)

With that in mind, then I think it was a perfect lemon cake. The lemon flavour wasn’t too bold but that is something that also depends on preference. Lemon, being a sour flavour, could be overdone and the cake end up with a bitter aftertaste. I guess then less of it was just fine.

The chocolate part of the cake had a nice deep chocolate flavour. Unfortunately it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste that didn’t quite sit well with me. However, she explained that some people tend to like less sugar and more chocolate while others prefer it vice versa or a perfect balance with equal quantities. Maybe when you order, you could specify exactly how you want it. Being the sweet-tooth that I am, I found myself wishing it was sweeter. My mum on the other hand, couldn’t be happier with the low sugar levels.

In case you ever want to order from her, you can contact her on: 0789 582167 Please note that delivery to town costs 150/=.

Cupcakes go for 800/= per dozen.

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