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I recently attended the launch of a new & improved menu at Cafe Deli. Cafe Deli Restaurant has three branches that are all in the CBD. One is at Tumaini House on Nkurumah lane behind Kencom, another, is on Moi Avenue opposite Union Towers and the third, is on Kenyatta Avenue at 680 building. A big thank you to Bonnita on Safari; Kenyan Blogger of the Year 2018 for making this possible. Aluoch, is a travel blogger giving un-bias reviews on ‘everything travel’. Check out her work here and follow her on social media too!

The menu was launched at all three branches about three weeks ago. However, I only attended the one at Tumaini House. Since I wasn’t there too long, and the main event was the food, I didn’t really focus on the ambience. Nonetheless, I can tell you that it looks good and has quite a few cosy spaces.

Since they are in the CBD, people often go there for meetings or for lunch during work breaks. However, Cafe Deli can also be a leisure and catching-up spot for many (young university students or even working class adults) especially now that their menu is broader. Bitings, pastries, cocktails (alcoholic), beers, wine, breakfast, hot drinks, kiddie meals and so much more are now being offered!

The training of the waiters is very good. They treat you extremely well, are respectful and professional. I never talk about service because it is something that varies often but Cafe Deli, definitely made a good impression.

The menu is not entirely new. They have just added a few more items. I didn’t get to try them all so hopefully the pictures won’t deceive us on the taste. You can find their complete menu on their website here. They have really tried to follow in the foot-steps of CJs & Java by using ‘shouting’ images and having absolutely every kind of food, drink or snack on their menu. I just hope they can maintain good quality for each and every item.

First off were these breakfast items. Wrap King is a ‘rolex’ served with spiced potatoes at 320/=. This chapati and egg combination is absolutely legendary! There are different types of wraps that can be made: cheese, sausage, egg spinach etc. I thought the spinach one was incredible! It was creamy, well seasoned and had some cottage cheese. Exactly what you need to get ready for the day!

Croissants aren’t just the plain, buttery folds of pastry we see on the display. They can also be sliced open and filled with various fillings of egg, cheese, bacon etc. to make a hearty breakfast croissant. They range from 120/= to 350/=. These were testers. The actual size must be the same as the breakfast croissant.

Deli breakfast feast is for those with a long day ahead. For only 850/=, you get two eggs, two sausages, toast, home-fries, minute steak, orange juice and a cup of tea or coffee. Is your stomach even ready for this? Who has tried various breakfast platters at restaurants?

I only remember the Hungry Man at Geco Cafe for 600/=. However, it didn’t come with juice or a hot beverage. In case you missed it, see here.

I love Mandazi or Mahamri that has just a little bit of spice or flavour in it. It could be lemon zest or Iliki (cardamom) etc. Whatever it will be, trust me, I will be a fan. For 130/=, you get these beautiful Mahamris (not sure how many come per portion). The only let down with these iliki mahamris, (yes! They were flavoured) was the oil. They were just too oily for me.

I have never seen a larger portion of anything for one. Can you believe this is for one person? May all the rabbits please step forward. I joke. I have never loved salad this much and maybe that’s why I just don’t get it. Maybe you guys can help me.

This was a cobb salad with chicken, cheese, boiled eggs, bacon, onion slices, sweet corn, lettuce & avocado @ 750/=. I felt the said items were simply put on a bed of lots of lettuce and not well combined in the whole salad but I may be wrong. If I am eating this, I want all those items in at least 1 of every three bites I take. Otherwise it isn’t worth it. They said, it is served with your dressing of choice. What would yours be for this?

Chicken cajun salad wasn’t as complex. It had chicken, red onions, cherry tomatoes, & lettuce @ 710/=

The idea of putting different meats in the same dish is really catching on. Cjs is doing it, and so is Cafe Deli. Now I am not sure how chicken, beef and fish will sit in my stomach but I am sure I will be satisfied after devouring this. The deli trio has fried chicken, boneless cubed beef in a rich curry sauce and grilled fish fillet @ 1200/=. There are also some steamed vegetables of carrots and french beans served with a rice accompaniment.

One of the kiddie meals is this mini beef burger @ 450/=. I didn’t quite like it because the sauce was just too much for me. I mean it’s one thing to have sauce in a burger but another when you have a burger dipped in sauce. Maybe your kids will enjoy but I would ask for the sauce to be seperate on mine.

There are a couple of bitings the restaurant has introduced. Dry chilli chicken served with chips or salad @ 680/= was my best of the day. The amount of chilli is just right and it is sauteed with peppers, chilli and oyster sauce. Simple but incredibly delicious.

Deli chicken wings @ 680/= are chicken lollipops in barbecue sauce served with chips. Please note that the servings of the chips are very small since it is meant to be a biting.

These vegetable spring rolls go for 240/=

Deli Colada is a mocktail going for 350/=. Looks refreshing. Doesn’t it? Strawberry Lemonade is also 350/=

The milkshake choc chip was 430/=. Though it is not a new menu item, I still decided to try it. It was a bit too thick for me (wasn’t well blended) and the choco chips were only put at the top and not blended with the ice-cream making it a bit disappointing. Luckily, that didn’t last long.

These freaky-shakes (elaborate milkshakes) made me forget about all my problems. For 620/=, you could get one of these amazing flavours -strawberry, chocolate or oreo. I can only imagine the sugar rush you get from this.

It is rare to find a restaurant selling a green smoothie as good as this. Lean green smoothie has spinach, mango, ginger and is 100% healthy and delicious. It goes for 400/=.

Cafe Deli now offers alcoholic drinks. Teddy is a hot alcoholic drink at 550/= I am still in love with its presentation!

Deli Kiss is Cafe Deli’s speciality cocktail made with gin, lime juice, passion puree & sugar syrup. It is 750/=

The new desserts include this blueberry obsession cake served with ice-cream @ 350/= and fruit skewers @ 300/= served with yoghurt.

Cake can be a tricky subject since some people are cream-fans while others aren’t and some of us believe cake must be taken down with soda or tea while others appreciate a moist cake. Whichever you are, we can all agree that presentation has to be good before we even get into the taste. Cake is comfort food so there is no way something that isn’t visually appealing, is going to comfort me. Cafe Deli has made sure of this.

Their red velvet @ 400/=, amarula black cherry @ 480/= (yes! It has Amarula. The question is: how much?) and raspberry elegance @ 400/=. If you had to choose between cupcakes and cake slices, what would you choose?

Not only does this restaurant serve you a storm at your table, but also, you can order cakes for different occasions from them! See their price list here.

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    The new menu looks appealing
    Will definitely give it a try😊

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