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Between 8th and 14th May; Burger Festival was carried out at a couple of restaurants in Nairobi. One of them was the beautiful Arbor Restaurant on James Gichuru. This happened to be the restaurant that my best friend; Waithera and I chose to visit.

On that note; I ordered the bbq lamb burger while Waithera ordered the Asian twist burger. For clarification purposes; my burger was a lamb burger and not a goat burger as I had earlier stated on my social media accounts. Personally, the whole lamb, mutton, goat e.t.c thing confuses me so much. I hope after this post; I will get it right for good. So goat meat is just goat, and lamb is a young sheep. Mutton meat on the other hand is meat for an adult sheep. I know it may be a little obvious for some of you but for the sake of other confused individuals like myself, I hope I have helped you understand it all a bit better.

The asian twist burger could either come as a beef or chicken burger. My friend had it with chicken and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. It had additional egg, bacon, tomatoes, lemongrass, cucumber and an amazing siracha mayo sauce.

A bite of this was enough to prove to me that I shouldn’t have wanted to be unique; and should have just ordered the same thing as her. It was so tasty. Then again, what would this post be if I only talked about one burger?

My friend dug into that juicy, tender and very flavorful burger without any reservations. The chicken was moist and not overcooked at all. The bread wasn’t soggy; and the sauce and vegetables complemented each other so well.

The Asian twist burger was served with sweet potato fries and a spicy, nutty salad. Yes. I said sweet potato fries. At first, I wasn’t too pleased with the sound of that; but ended up really liking them. They were cooked very well. You wouldn’t imagine that they are the same sweet potatoes that are just boiled and served with tea in some Kenyan homes in an effort to make the household eat healthy. (A.k.a ‘ngwashe’) Not even close. They were crunchy and crispy but stil a bit moist on the inside. A great way to change the French fries norm. Well done Arbor! Don’t get me wrong; I love sweet potatoes and tea and have it every other day.

PRO TIP: Boil all your sweet potatoes once and put them in a plastic container in the freezer. You could then warm one every morning by defrosting in the microwave. They are ever fresh! I know it’s not a major pro tip but, for people who wonder about how you can eat fresh sweet potatoes daily; there you go.

Personally, I do the same with boiled maize; and alternate between maize and sweet potato in the morning. Shout out to my mum for teaching me this and always making sure she buys me some when in the market. Love you mama. <3

The Asian Twist burger salad was fresh and very tatsy. It had nuts, red cabbage, carrots, coriander, onion and cucumber. All in all, this Asian twist burger was amazing.

The lamb burger (above) was also pretty amazing. It came with lettuce, tomato, gouda cheese and a minted bbq sauce. Guaranteed, it wasn’t as big as the Asian twist burger as it didn’t have the extra bacon and egg. Nonetheless, it was delicious.

The gouda cheese had a very distinct taste; such that, someone who isn’t used to it, would find it a little appalling. Personally, I don’t think I like gouda cheese. I would definitely order the same lamb burger but without the gouda cheese. Its actually the shiny creamy coating on the burger.

The mint bbq sauce was very tasty but a bit too much. I could barely taste the lamb which was rather unfortunate. The unwritten rule for serving lamb is ensuring it is served with a mint sauce. I was therefore, very happy that it was served as the sauce in the lamb burger. It should have just been a bit less.

My burger came with fries and a nice salad of lettuce, onion and carrots. The fries were crunchy and a bit spicy (with paprika); different from the norm; and making them even tastier. Salad was very fresh and tasty just like my friends.

Anyway, that’s all I had for you guys today. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have you ever been to the Arbor restaurant? I would love to hear what you had and how your experience was. Let me know in the comment section below! I would love to know.

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