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Ndege Road in Karen has my now favorite cafe. Brioche Cafe Bistro is a coffee, pastry and food restaurant stop for many. Their original branch in Rwanda decided to penetrate the Kenyan market and set up shop in a business park in Karen. This happened over a year ago; providing Kenya with a unique restaurant-cafe-pastry shop. (Watermark Business Park).

‘Brioche’ is the name of a pastry of French origin. See below:
(The first picture has the small brioche while the bottom one has large ones at the bottom row of the display)

The restaurant menu is below. Brioche is open from 7 a.m to 10 p.m:

They also have an event known as ‘Apero after Work’ on one Wednesday of every month from 3 p.m to 10 p.m. What essentially happens is the guests experience great music and a unique selection of tantalizing food and cocktails at 1,500/=. (1 main meal, a glass of wine or beer and dessert). Additionally, all cocktails are 50% off on this day!

Being a full swing bakery, they know how important Brunch is to the world. They have therefore put together six different special Sunday brunch menus each at 1,590/=.

For their pastries, one goes to the display area to see what is available. They offer different kinds of  bread, croissants, cookies, brioches, chocolate plies, tarts, muffins, macaroons, eclairs and so much more!

The wonderful display area has black tag-labels written with white chalk, to show what each item is, and how much it costs.

What most people don’t know is: Beside being a cafe, bakery and restaurant, Brioche also triples as a Bar. They offer cocktails and have happy hour every Friday. Buy a cocktail (goes for about 750/=) at half-price.

Their drinks menu is uniquely represented on old glass bottles as seen below.

They offer reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers), as well as very fast internet to their guests. You can comfortably read the materials provided or use their very fast, reliable internet while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and a sweet crepe (very thin pastry best described as a thin pancake).

Tall windows allow a lot of natural light to stream in. In addition to that, the large, circular ceiling lights and long cylindrical wall lights, provide enough lighting to see the smallest details on their food and pastries.

Their famous catchphrase: “Take time to love the little things” has been repeated in every corner of their restaurant. This phrase, among others are well placed in the most creative way.

Booth seats, high seats, sofas and low leather seats are well placed to provide a variety of sitting options, as well as offer extensive sitting space.

Outdoor sitting space is available. It is sheltered to provide the guests shield from the noon-time scorching sun or excessive breeze and sometimes light Karen showers.


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