Bohemia in Kenya.

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Boho is short for “bohemian”; which could easily be translated to: a way of doing something as the people of Bohemia do (a region in Czech republic).
A new restaurant on Ndovu Road in Hardy-Karen, has taken to this unique theme and based its restaurant setting on this style.

Sarah, the executive chef, behind the creative menu, owns this space with her husband. Boho Eatery is only a few months old and is already a favourite for many locals. I will tell you why it should be yours too!

It is naturally beautified not only by its potted & climbing plants, but also, the natural vegetation. It’s attempt to minimise natural vegetation destruction, sets it apart from most Kenyan restaurants.

Various sitting spaces include: fixed & swinging sofas with colourful pillows, cushioned sisal seats, wooden umbrella benches & chairs, colored metallic seats and even high stools at the bar!

Wooden tables vary from smooth blended wood, to even rustic wood. Marble and bronze are also some of the other table tops. All are accessorized with circular sisal mats that complement the theme.

The marble tables are actually tailor machines! Super unique!!

The unique lighting by bulbs in glass bottles and outdoor & indoor hanging lamps, add to the ambience and decor beautifully.

White & burgundy green walls, allow other features of the restaurant to be appreciated. One of my favorites, is the large silver-lined mirror – near the fan shaped seat near the entrance. This fireplace area is cosy, and has the most unique furniture and decor, I have ever encountered.

Other features worth mentioning are the boho pillows; that not only complement the carpet at the entrance, but also play a big role in the restaurants’ theme.

Additionally, the rusty wood shelf set on a clean-white wall complete the aesthetic-look of Boho Eatery.

Even the washrooms follow the theme! <3

I will let these next few pictures do the rest of the talking…

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