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I’ve known Panari Hotel along Mombasa Road for the longest time. In fact, I can’t imagine what that area looked like without this hotel. It’s well known for its ice-skating ring, cinema and now the infamous House of Leather store. Unfortunately, only the latter is available until further notice. Covid hit them hard and forced them to close the ANGA cinema, ice-skating ring, their famous Bar/Club; Shooters & Dips  and two of their restaurants. You can still visit them to: enjoy a meal at Black Gold Cafe, shop at House of Leather, host an event (e.g. Wedding Reception, Dinner Party) at their spacious conference room and of course book your overnight stay!

Black Gold Cafe is a beautiful restaurant. It has huge windows that allow natural light to come in. In addition to this, they allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of their garden and the ever-busy Mombasa Road highway. The restaurant is divided into three sections – for hotel guests, walk-in guests and the bar area. I don’t think the sections are set on stone as you can still decide your preferred sitting area. Enjoy some of the shots here:

See the Black Gold Cafe Menu below:

Unfortunately, there is no happy hour offer on their drinks for now. However, you can keep checking the @panarihotel instagram page to stay updated with their offers.

My friend and I sampled 4 of their main dishes for you. The first was a vegetarian pizza @ 900/=; Indiana Pizza. It had fresh vegetables set on a tomato base and topped with a generous amount of cheese. This was extremely flavourful. If you hate vegetables then this might be a good dish to try get your vegetables in with. I grew up eating a lot of vegetables in all meals so I really enjoy them. It’s the norm in my world. However, when I was young, I would admire kids who could leave carrots or tomatoes or dhania on their plate because ‘it’s yuck’. For me, that was never an option.

Bell peppers (hoho) have therefore found a special place in my heart. I truly appreciated their presence on this pizza. The Indiana pizza also had: onions, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and some garlic. Apart from the olives (which I have never understood), this meal came together very well.

Unfortunately, there was a little too much black peppercorn for my liking and too much oil for anyones’ liking. When you order this, remind them to tone both of these down so you fully enjoy the pizza.

Next up was pork. The 1,600/= meal had: pork chops, mashed potatoes, vegetables, kachumbari and a side sauce. The mashed potatoes serving was huugggeee. I doubt anyone can finish all that but I’ll let you step up to the challenge for yourself. The pork chops were well seasoned, tender and came in a generous serving. They are topped with caramelised onions allowing every bite to have that extra punch of flavour. The accompanying sauce wasn’t for me though. I enjoyed it better with just the onions.

For sides, there were stir-fried vegetables and kachumbari (salsa). Both of which, I found very delicious. Unfortunately, like the pizza, the fried vegetables (onions, french beans and carrots) had more black pepper than I would have liked. That not withstanding, the fresh kachumbari more than made up for it in true Kenyan fashion.

I felt the menu was a bit misleading in describing the meal. The menu spoke of: beetroot, apple confit, potato roasti and spinach; none of  which were present. Maybe the menu needs to be revised to include: the delicious kachumbari and caramelised onions instead.

The third item was Supreme Chicken @ 1500/=. The menu suggests it is a breast but I was more than happy to see half a chicken on bone presented. The only difference between this and the pork is the accompaniment; steamed rice and the side sauce; mushroom. The latter was delicious and complemented the tender chicken beautifully.

As for the steamed rice, I didn’t really enjoy it. I am those people who can eat rice all day everyday. Ugali has just never been enjoyable for me. This rice was unfortunately bland. I genuinely think it has to do with their supplier and not the kitchen.

Last on this review, is the traditional Fish and chips @ 1300/=. This was my friends favourite meal at Black Gold Cafe. The fish was moist, tender and well coated in the batter. It worked well with the mayonnaise served on the side. Drizzle the fish finger with lemon juice then generously scoop the mayonnaise for a premium experience!

I could clear an entire bowl of the french fries. Perfect size,  perfect balance of crunchy & tender and all round delicious. Contrary to the last two meals, the side salad for this meal had: bell peppers, carrots, onions and some cabbage; all very thinly sliced and seasoned with a light dressing. It was fresh, crunchy and ranked somewhere at the top for me.

I had given Black Gold Cafe all this feedback before writing this post so I am certain they have been put it all into consideration so that you guys have an even better experience! Anyway, That’s all I had for you today. Or is it??

I’m giving away 2 Black Gold Cafe vouchers. each VOUCHER accomodates two people and is worth 3,000/=.

To win, follow the instructions below then answer the question in the comment section. Ensure:

The question is: Name a vegetable you absolutely cannot stand and why?

A whole 6,000/= is on the line my people. Let’s gooo! The winners will be announced on Kulanini social media pages on Friday 13th at 12 noon so keep checking our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Your comment should read something like this: I cannot stand (name of vegetable) because (reason). I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with (name of person). @(you or your friends instagram handle) is following Panari.

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      • Eugene says:

        I cannot stand sagaaaa *gaaaki* because it is bitter.Bitter herbs. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Mercy Thumbi.
        On Instagram as Eugene Mogoi and Mercy Thumbi

        • Carol Kinuthia says:

          I can’t stand celery. It’s bland. Food should either be sweet or savory no in between.
          I’ll go to black Gold Cafe with Ayden masheti.

      • Nyagaya says:

        First of all
        Great review
        Very helpful

        I cannot stand onions😭
        Especially raw onions.. they leave a terrible after taste.. and generally make your breath smell..
        and no one wants bad breath

        Will go with Fridah
        @nyagaya is my Instagram handle

  1. Martinfinity Martin says:

    Amazing! I’m delighted you have included a review on vegetarian food on the menu.That is very mindful of you.Keep up!

      • I cannot stand sagaaaa *gaaaki* because it is bitter.Bitter herbs. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Mercy Thumbi.
        On Instagram as Eugene Mogoi and Mercy Thumbi

  2. Anita Sangalo says:

    I cannot stand eggplants because of the taste and texture when cooked. Also the colour change. Why does it turn😩😣. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Herbert Karanja. @_kaskazi_ is following Panari.

  3. I cannot stand cabbage because there aren’t a lot of recipes that someone can make with cabbage without the cabbage taste being so dominant. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with my sister Maryanne. I @clairemuchai1 am following Panari.

  4. I cannot stand cucumbers because they taste really bad and even the smell is awful.How do people even eat it in salads
    I would like to go to Black Gold Cafe with Eugene Mogoi.
    Plus it will be an early birthday treat as it’s my birthday month before 22nd
    Good review can’t wait to try it out

  5. Anita Sangalo says:

    I cannot stand eggplants because of the texture and taste when cooked. Also the colour change when cut and cooked. Why ? 😣😩🙄 I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Herbert Karanja. @_kaskazi_ is following Panari.

  6. Juliet Kane says:

    I like most vegetables but I haven’t been able to get over the taste of celery. I don’t know, it just tastes like so raw, like how I imagine biting on a tree would be like. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Melvin and we’re really looking forward to it♥️. My Instagram handle is @kanes_kitchenaffair.

    • Shaleen Muiruri says:

      It’s cooked carrots for me. I absolutely… I cannot… I absolutely cannot stand cooked carrots in stews and food because they give off a sweet taste in savory food and not like in a good way. Also, when they are chopped into big pieces (shoutout to the African mothers 😂) they are too soft for my liking. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Neema Analo Kanga. Our instagram handles are @_.muiruri or analo_kanga_

      • Analo Kanga says:

        The only thing nice about cooked carrots is the color.
        @_.muiruri Black Gold Cafe Date for the win!

  7. Shaleen Muiruri says:

    It’s cooked carrots for me. I absolutely…. I am unable to stand them in stews and food because they give off a sugary taste in salty food and when they are chopped into really big pieces(shout out to the African mothers 😂) they are too soft for my liking. I’ll go to Black Gold Coffee with Neema Analo Kanga. Our instagram handles: @_.muiruri and @analo_kanga_

  8. Mary says:

    I can’t stand bell peppers. They are disgusting in my opinion. They have a bitter taste that my taste buds can’t tolerate. I would go to Black Gold cafe with my sister Fidelis. My Instagram handle is @lundimary and we’re both following panari.

    • Regina Kamau says:

      A vegetable I cannot stand is managu. Bitter herbs those ones 😩so unnecessary.
      I’d like to go with Octavia.
      Our insta handles are
      @_reggy_ and @octavia_valencia

  9. Fidelis says:

    I cannot stand spinach.It just doesn’t taste good to me.People mix it with sukuma wiki for me to like it but it’s still a big NO.If i get the voucher I’d go to Black Gold cafe with my bff/sister Mary.My ig handle is @fydoe_dydoe and hers @lundimary and we’re both following panari.

  10. Shereez Nyandat says:

    I cannot stand lettuce because the last time I bit into a leaf it left the most bitter taste in my mouth. Still cringing. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with my dearly beloved mother Victoria Okudo because she deserves a treat for working so hard for us this year despite the circumstances. @shezpam is my Instagram handle and I’m following Panari.

  11. Sheilah Wanjiru says:

    I cannot stand celery because of its smell, I dare say pungent smell. I’ll go to Black Gold Cafe with Caren Sande. I @unspoiltbrat is following Panari on Instagram.

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