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Do you remember a kulanini post about my little sister’s birthday cake by ‘Muthoni’s Oven’ ? Well, later in April, we had an amazing family lunch at a nice restaurant called “The Big Elephant Cafe”, to celebrate the same. I found out about this restaurant/cafe, through their Instagram page (@bigelephantcafe) and then suggested it to the family. They bought the idea; and we were on our way there on a Sunday afternoon, after church. The Big Elephant Cafe is in a pretty hidden location; that I doubt you would know it, unless someone told you about it. It is located at Valley View Office Park on City Park Drive – along Limuru Road. I call it hidden because the office park can’t be seen from Limuru Road.

I wouldn’t really call this place just a cafe or just a restaurant; because it is an all in one kind of place. So, they have the whole pastry- glass window showing their dedication to pastry, then there is the actual restaurant that serves a wide array of dishes of various cuisines. (For example; they have soups, salads, several appetizers, pizza, pasta and burgers before even getting to the main course dishes). P.S: Each category has vegetarian options which is pretty cool! Did I mention their dessert options? They have chocolate fondant, panna cotta, tiramisu, cheesecake and meringue tarts among others. (I don’t know about you, but I am literally salivating just writing them down.)

However, that’s not all. The Big Elephant Cafe is a full swing bar with an extensive menu having several varieties under each category. Categories include rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, wines, (over 10 to choose from), malts, beers, cocktails (over 20!!!), and even champagne; that’s of course all on a separate menu from the food. They even have shisha (sheesha) pots as well! This is definitely a nice, secluded place, you would want to come to have a good night with your friends.

I don’t know what exactly you would call such a place; because to me; it’s more than a cafe or a restaurant or a bar. Since I don’t have the right term, for such a diverse place; we could call it a ‘kulanini corner’~ a place where anyone and everyone can go and have good food; whether night or day.

I don’t really think this place is ideal for young kids who would probably want to play around or have a quick meal. I didn’t see a separate kids menu and therefore assumed that most of their clientele is older people. The food on the menu would be a little difficult for a child to manage; unless they probably have a pizza or just french fries.

Except for the colourful yellow “tuktuk” (see below); I didn’t see any other form of entertainment for children. Of course, children wouldn’t want to take turns as the driver of this bright yellow ‘tuktuk’, hence creating fights and just a fighting or crying atmosphere when there are many children in the restaurant.

Bottom line, don’t bring a child below age 7 here. They will probably not have a good time. On the contrary, this would be an amazing place to have a meal, a drink or just coffee & some amazing desserts with friends, family (whether it is a small or large group) and even your significant other (wink wink).

What I really love about The Big Elephant Cafe is the location. I know its hidden; but that is the best part about it. Quiet and peaceful. Dhiren, the manager, however told me that at night it can get so packed, to the point of even making a reservation or waiting for a table. That Sunday, it wasn’t packed at all so I can say we were very lucky.

The Big Elephant; true to its name; is quite big. There is both inside and outside sitting space; both of which, are extremely spacious.

Apart from the two sitting areas, there is a small, private-ish (VIP) outside sitting area. It can hold a small group of about 10-15. This could also serve as a nice place to have a meal, drinks or even a shisha pot with your friends or family in a more private environment.

On the financial part, I would say that this is a place you don’t just walk in to. You need to be ready to spend quite a bit of money. I believe you have looked at the menu and seen for yourself. Salads and appetizers are between 700/= to 1000/= while burgers are about 800/= and all other main courses are between 1000/= to 1500/= per plate. I would say budget for about 2000/= to 2500/= per person for a meal, a drink and dessert. (Pretty expensive. I know.)

The drinks are not any better but since it is difficult to break down, kindly look at the pictures I have uploaded. You may come here to celebrate something though or suggest it; when someone who is financially stable is going to foot the bill or wants to treat you!

The cafe is very beautifully designed. I can honestly say, that when the time comes for me to build my own restaurant (someday kind of dream…), then I would definitely find their designer and contract them!

The roof has a nice unfinished look; from the thick copper pipes securely placed on the ceiling, to the “unfinished style” paint work that shows the bricks and even the beautiful wooden tables.

There is an amazing piece of artwork in this restaurant. It is a drawing-painting that is actually an excerpt of google maps (zoom in) of how to get to The Big Elephant Cafe.

The washrooms are also very nice and clean. However, I did not take pictures because the lighting there wasn’t ideal for taking photos.

Service at The Big Elephant was amazing! The lady who served us advised each of us very well and none of us regretted our orders at all.

Am sure your wondering where the food is. It will be served shortly as the next post. This one was simply focusing on the restaurant alone. Stay tuned to find out about the food at The Big Elephant Cafe!

By the way, I have began posting short food reviews on my Instagram page. This week I talked about chips and chicken at the Railways Golf Club Nairobi. In case you missed that, head over to @kulanini to see what that was all about.


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  1. Bucolic says:

    Will definitely recommend this to my friends. Nice read as usual. ?

  2. Loved the decor here. I didn’t eat here just had drinks but the ambience and somewhat hidden location did it for me!

    • Thank you! I most certainly agree! I will definitely go have drinks here and let you know my experience!

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