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Serviced apartments often have the best restaurants. What most people don’t know is: They are open to the public. A good example is Argenti Restaurant in Gem Suites. These are exquisite serviced apartments found on Riverside Drive. The same suites, are also located on State House Road; where they first began.

I visited the newest one; which is the one on Riverside, with 3 of my friends; Regina, Peterson and Waithera. Thanks guys!

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The restaurant balcony looks to the  suites’ swimming pool and some apartments in that area. The outdoor area is furnished with beautiful low & high modern sisal-woven garden chairs. The beige cushions on each seat, complement the restaurant theme, as well as contrast the dark walls;  to give a nice visual appeal.

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Glass topped sisal woven tables go with the chairs and make for amazing outdoor furniture. I appreciate the simplicity of the outdoor setting. Being an elegant restaurant with a contemporary twist, I believe they managed to accurately depict this same theme, even in the outdoor sitting area.

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I couldn’t help but notice how spacious this restaurant is. I mean, how many spacious restaurants do we see in Nairobi today? Despite its prime location, I feel the provision of adequate; if not more than enough space, wasn’t taken lightly. Argenti has provided a spacious & exquisite getaway in the heart of Nairobi.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe greatest part about its location, is: the distance from the main road. The number of offices and even organisations in the area, have been provided with a quiet, serene place to hold their meetings undisturbed. Apart from the cool, calm music that plays in the background, there is absolutely no other sound.

Outdoor sitting is provided for in two areas. There is a part slightly far from the pool and another that faces a small forested area. Both of which, are furnished in the same way.

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The restaurant spells out class & elegance in big, bold capital letters. The use of neutral colours and bright white lights  further confirm this. You can opt to sit on the curved sofa seats, the cushioned booth seats or just a normal chair.

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Round and rectangular wooden tables are always well set with napkins, mats and even cutlery; ready for the guests. In addition to that, a beautiful white cala lily flower is placed in a clear vase at the centre of each table!

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There exists a nice red colour that has been well incorporated with the theme. It contrasts the neutral colours well without betraying the whole aura of the restaurant. The colour is seen on the individual sofa seats, as well as on the painted glass by the pastry display area.

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Argenti provides the indoor guests with a view; just as nice as the ones outside enjoy. This is made possible by the floor to ceiling high windows, that give adequate aeration as well as, allow streams of natural light to flow in. The beautiful grey curtains, like everything else, follow the neutral-colour theme.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThis very spacious restaurant is relatively larger than its mother restaurant on State House Road. I therefore highly recommend the one on Riverside for those who prefer lots of space and a more serene environment.

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As always, I visited the bathrooms. Now guys, I know I have a weird obsession with bathrooms. The same spacious feature is carried on to the restrooms. I will let the picture do the rest of the talking because I doubt my compliments will do the deserved justice.

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At the end of the evening, the restaurant brought us, a beautiful patio heater to keep us warm. I told you, they were classy. After my experience at Argenti, I think I would come here for basically anything. Obviously, the place is not child-friendly because it is a fine dining restaurant. However, for all other celebrations, events, gatherings etc, I wouldn’t hesitate to go here. I think this is the classiest restaurant I have ever blogged about. Do you agree?

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The best part about this restaurant; is the food is very affordable for the location and the kind of restaurant. The reason I say they are contemporary, is because of the kind of food they provide. After such classy furniture, many would expect fancy food we can barely pronounce that is ridiculously priced and comes in minute portions. Far from it! Just look at this; FULL Spring Chicken at only 1600/=

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The food post will be up in the next post! Below is the menu; just in case you’d like to visit before then.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Tell me your Argenti experience either at the one on State House Road or the one on Riverside. I would love to know!

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  1. Beautiful restaurant! I didn’t know furnished apartments have restaurants open to the public! Looking forward to the food review ?

    • You should definitely visit Argenti. I hope the food review will further convince you.

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