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If you are a true Kulanini trooper, you would know we already did a food & restaurant review of the Argenti Restaurant here and here respectively. This post however, is about Argenti Lounge. Here, we will see what their new wing has to offer. Apart from more rooms and an extended out-door sitting area, there is a spa, gym, conference rooms anda beautiful bar & lounge area!

I must say that this secluded ‘home away from home’ makes for perfect working spaces, meetings and even leisure. The extended seating area has nice cosy sofas to allow you to work, read a book or un-wind as you appreciate the Riverside view.

If you haven’t been to Argenti, all this time, you’re really slacking. There is a small, intimate branch on State House Road and then there is this one in Riverside. Did you know that Argenti recently changed their menu, to a broader, all inclusive one? I was lucky enough to try some of the items on the new menu.

The menu at the restaurant and the one at the lounge is actually the same. I recommend you go to the lounge for relaxed dining, small bitings and cocktail and the main restaurant for a fine-dining set-up. As much as I recommend that, they have made it possible for you to have your steak and wine in the lounge. Pretty cool. Right? No boundaries here. Just a ‘home away from home’ right?

The lounge area is huge! The ceiling is extremely high and the art pieces are literally twice my size. I loved how minimalistic, modern, classy and simple the design. Argenti Riverside is spacious, making it a great place for groups. The ample parking space further confirms this.

There is a secluded area in the lounge that can be used as a private-lounge for at most 6 people. I wouldn’t necessarily call it private since the windows are see-through just like we saw in Mercado restaurant here.

The music played in the lounge is relaxing, calm and mimics the vibe of the lounge. It can be a great place for a special celebration since the ambience makes for great pictures too.

Have you seen how beautiful the bar area is?

The new menu can be seen here: ARGENTI RESTAURANT MENU 2018 while the old one can be here. Luckily, I got to try a couple of bitings, main dishes and cocktails from the new Argenti menu.

We began with bitings of prawn bruschetta topped with parmesan cheese @ 1200/=. They were each topped with parmesan cheese and had been made with the best salsa I have ever had at a restaurant. I kid you not, it could compete with the street salsa we see in ‘kibandas’ and ‘smokie-pasua’ stands. I am constantly complaining about salsa having no lemon, coriander, or one thing another. This one was actually perfect. It had lemon, chopped coriander, diced onions and tomatoes, all in the right proportions. Well done Argenti!

The bread that the salsa lay on, was lightly buttered, thick in crust, crunchy from being toasted and bakery-fresh. Large prawn pieces were well complemented by the salsa since the salsa had lemon and seafood goes well with lemon. Parmesan cheese wasn’t a major win for me since I think it has a strong, milky-taste. I felt that didn’t complement the prawn taste but rather overpowered it. Nonetheless, both cheese lovers and haters, would appreciate this dish since the cheese can be picked right off the top!

Chicken wings are often generously coated in a thick, sweet bbq sauce. However, these buffalo Chicken wings from Argenti, didn’t subscribe to the boring norm. For 800/=, they serve a portion of 6 wings on a thick house-made sauce bed. The wings are fried to perfection with just enough crunch and moisture.

To be honest I wish the house-made sauce was more. Maybe even in a bowl or something.It was that good! I won’t torture you with a detailed explanation of how well seasoned and flavoured it was since I want you to experience that mind-blowing flavour-spice and herb combination for yourself.

In my opinion, mini burgers are way better than normal burgers. Six sliders @ 1300/= come with a variety of fillings – avocado, caramelised onions and creamy mushrooms. All are served with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a delicious mayonnaise. Two bites and this thing is done and you are already reaching for the next one. You have enjoyed all the flavours in a burger and your jeans still fit! Pretty cool, right?

The buns are fresh and soft so when you sink your teeth in this juicy mountain, you get all the flavours complementing one another perfectly without a ringing taste of stale bread. These were beef burgers. I would have to find out if they do the same for vegetarian or chicken options.

What’s your take on cheese? Only in pizza, sandwich and sometimes in burgers? or can you bite into cheese like an apple? These small bitings of herbed cheese rolled with smoked salmon(1,100/=), are the ultimate cheese-lovers dish. The herbs that were mixed with the cheese made quite a difference in transforming the strong cheese taste. The last time we talked about cream cheese, was in the last post where it was part of the dessert. It was therefore quite interesting for me to see cream cheese as part of a savoury dish. Since I am the first type of cheese lover, I can’t quite give my un-bias opinion of this dish. I think you should try it and let me know what your thoughts are.

The last biting we had was a vegetarian one. Argenti’s mushrooms on Toast @ 950/= is made with sauteed button mushrooms in a creamy homemade beef stock. They say it has a touch of brandy but I could only taste the flavourful, well cooked mushrooms. The side salad of cherry tomatoes and lettuce coated in a lemon vinaigrette was fresh and delicious.

I appreciated the fact that all dishes with bread or toast were actually buttered and toasted to give a great flavour and texture. I believe it also played a big role in ensuring the bread didn’t get soggy. Kudos Argenti! Since there is toast in this dish, the biting is a full balanced meal and I believe can be eaten as light main course. Don’t you agree?


You no longer have to imagine the possibility of having chicken and bacon in one dish. Argenti has brought our dreams to reality with this dish. To top off this already amazing dish, they stuff some mozzarella cheese in the chicken breast so that you see it ooze out beautifully when it is served to you. I see cheese lovers have really been favoured in this post! I hope they are all already heading to Riverside.

The chicken in itself managed to pull off quite a performance in terms of flavour! The marination and seasoning was spot on, with the bacon complementing the dish perfectly. I am not so sure how possible it is, but I would ask for this dish without the cheese or much less of it so nothing interrupts the chicken and bacon flavour in my mouth. I guess it’s becoming clearer and clearer, what kind of cheese lover I am.

This 1,750/= meal is served with a delicious creamy tarragon (herb) sauce and potato croquettes – which are more or less – breaded, fried mashed potatoes. Any takers? I reckon these cylindrical potato beauties taste way better than french fries.

Just like in the last Argenti post, we again tried their pork schnitzel @ 1,600/=. However, this one was served with one of the best salads I have ever had, some mashed potatoes (but I opted to have the same amazing potato croquettes) and lemon wedges. The highly praised salad is made from mangoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers and avocados all diced as perfect cubes and bathed in a herb dressing to give a refreshing yet delicious taste.

I got to try was their chocolate milkshake @ 450/=. It tastes like all the chocolate ice-creams I have ever had blended into this tall glass of goodness. There is no element of vanilla so only ask for it if you’re a die-hard chocolate fan. It was thick, served in an appropriate glass and had the right straw! I’ve never been so happy to have all those elements in a milkshake at once.

One of the desserts we had was the strawberry croquant @ 800/=. It is a tower of crunchy, homemade biscuits with strawberries and chantily cream in between the croquants. A sweet vanilla sauce garnished with strawberry coulis gives a great presentation & dip.

Chantily is whipped cream while croquants are often referred to as, brittle/crunchy forms of food. In this case, the croquant was the biscuit. Coulis on the other hand, is a thick puree of a fruit/vegetable.

Cooked apple was next on our list. The apple flower @ 750 = had caramelised apples on top and a cinnamon sauce to go with. I think you would understand exactly what this tastes like if you have had a sorbet before. Only that, this one wasn’t cold or thick enough and didn’t have enough sugar for Miss Sweet-tooth here. Caramelised apples at the top that garnish, are neither too crunchy or soggy. They are cooked just right! Since apple is sweet, I thought it was genius to complement the flavour with a sharp, contrasting cinnamon flavour.

The last dessert was the most perfect, small cake, you have ever seen (650/=). It isn’t actually made from flour. Merveilleux is made from meringue (egg whites and sugar creating a crunchy biscuit.) Like the first dessert, it is served with chantily cream then rolled in chocolate shavings to give a good presentation.

Argenti’s banana smoothie @ 450/= looked great in terms of presentation. However, despite bananas being sweet, the smoothie didn’t depict this sweet flavour. I strongly believe someone made an honest mistake since I have had their mango smoothie and it was absolutely amazing. Give this a shot and let me know how it goes!

We had vodka, whiskey, tequilla and gin cocktails. Mudslide (750/=) was at the top of my list. Vodka, kahlua (coffee flavoured liquer), baileys and cream are mixed together and served with ice. A strawberry completes the look while the chocolate on the side of the glass gives it a great presentation.

Coffee and alcohol maybe? Irish coffee is a hot cocktail drink made with hot coffee, whiskey, sugar and topped with cream. Like most of the Argenti cocktails, the cost is 700/=. Coffee has a bitter distinct taste, and so does whiskey. You can imagine the combined eye-squinting taste. I wish there was something you could add to make it sweet. Sweet tooths’ like me really suffer while drinking this. That not withstanding, I assure you the taste can and will grow on you after a few sips. It is bitter but you will find your hand reaching for more. What’s your experience with Irish coffee? This was my first time and I can comfortably say, I prefer cold cocktails.

I loved all the cocktails that were served to us. They were not over-bearingly sweet and they had just the right amount of liqueur. I mean, what else do you need in a cocktail? It has to look good of course but the taste comes first. Flavour marriage and consistency in taste from the first sip right to the bottom of the glass. I feel Argent gave me this without a shadow of doubt. Below are some of the other cocktails we got to try. Each is 700/=.

Margarita made made from tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

Tom Collins is a gin cocktail made with sugar syrup, lemon juice and soda water.

Bacardi cocktail as the name suggests, is made from barcadi rum, lime juice and grenadine.

That’s all I had for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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