High Ceilings.

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I recently visited a new restaurant: Ankole Grill in Senteu Plaza on Galana Road. As always, we will do the restaurant post first then, the food post.

The word ‘Ankole’ is the name of a breed of domesticated cattle characterised by very large horns. Not only, is the restaurant named after an animal, but also, their logo is the head of this same animal.

The setting, colour and theme is quite simple. In fact, I would call it simplicity with class, and attention to detail. People often think that simple is boring, but, simple speaks volume when done well. Not only is a simple approach appreciated in design, but also in dressing, make-up, branding and literally anything. Extravagant and busy, doesn’t necessarily mean that something is nice.

A little goes a long way.

The Ankole colours; grey, orange, brown and black complement very well to bring out the theme of the restaurant beautifully.

I would classify this restaurant as an exquisite, calm and relaxing place. The atmosphere favours more intimate/small gatherings rather than big groups. Then again, that is just my personal opinion. You could simply visit and see for yourself.

Ankole is number one for: DINNER, and second for COFFEE. I felt a dinner-coffee vibe (if that’s a thing) while here. Apart from sipping a cup of coffee and biting into their decadent pastries in the morning or evening, it is also good for: working, writing, meetings, dates, a chilled night with a few friends, lunch dates… Just to mention a few.

How could I forget the meat-lovers! Don’t forget this restaurant is actually called: “Ankole GRILL”. Great meat and amazing cocktails. Need I say more?

Yellow lights, white lights, low lights, NATURAL light and little lights, make the restaurant pretty bright. Did I mention the lights they bring to your table at night?

Since the restaurant is themed by more mellow colours, then the large windows, compensate for that by, letting in a lot of natural light.

Their art truly describes the minimalism I appreciate. I saw four beautiful art pieces. First was an Ankole (animal) head sculpture above the ‘pass’ (where the chefs PASS the food to the waiters), second was this beautiful black n white nature drawing under three white lights, and third and fourth were the fabrics hanging on the wall.

There is extensive sitting space at this restaurant. Not only do they have both indoor and outdoor spaces, but also, there exists a variety of sitting options. You could choose a leather booth, bench or the normal seats. All of which, have the contemporary-styled henna wood tables to match the smooth wooden floor.

How do you feel about high ceilings? Ankole probably has the highest ceiling I have ever come across. The spacious feeling this creates is IMMENSE! You feel like you have all the space in the world. There is never a feeling of congestion or inadequate air supply even when its a full-house. This is definitely a big plus for me; who can’t stand to be in a crammed up spot. Kudos Ankole!

The bar has a simple but well-thought out design. The brick tiles, mirror back drop at the drinks display, thin, low lights and the wooden wall design of different shades, all come together to make the bar very inviting. Your tempted to just sit there all night chatting up Stephen; the mixologist, as he prepares you Ankole signature cocktails.

What is the one thing you appreciate the most when you walk into a restaurant?

Is it the walls, the floor, the lights, architecture, design, seats…

Let me know in the comment section below!

Have you been to Ankole?
If yes, what did you like most about the restaurant?
If not, do tell me what you like from the pictures?

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