Portugal in Blue.

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I visited this space with a faithful follower: Kimani (@mckym) who happens to be a photographer and food enthusiast as well! Adega Restaurant is a Portuguese Restaurant located at Lavington Curve Mall. The restaurant is located on the top-most floor – providing a breathtaking view of the Lavington viscinity.

Adega, which means ‘Wine House’ in Portuguese, is the ONLY Portuguese Restaurant in Kenya. Apart from the Lavington location, there is also another branch at Two Rivers Mall.

Majority of the sitting space at this restaurant is outdoors, with the indoor setting providing a more intimate experience. The blue colour theme is carried forward right from the logo, to the walls and to the seats. Upright wooden chairs with blue cushions match the neatly set blue mats on the sturdy wooden table.

Wooden pillars, wooden walls, and even a partly wooden ceiling all live up to the Adega name as wine houses are often made from wood. This is clearly depicted by the wooden items mentioned.

The indoor lights consist of bright, tiny lights on a white ceiling and hanging lamps at the bar area. In addition to those,a large, circular incision in the ceiling, gives forth a bright yellow light.

Parts of the restaurant wall have a unique brick finish. One of these parts has been further decorated with an antique-looking clock, some awards and a small ship.

Adega bar is beautifully designed with bright, low-hanging lights, shelves of wine, neatly arranged wine glasses and even a wine chiller displaying the wines for customers to see. I love how the various colours of the wine, reflect the light to give a colourful presentation.

The bright white lights, even at the bar area, make the place well lit and gives the blue theme colour more life. If it were not for these lights and the bright blue colour, the place would look pretty dull.

From this set-up, I can tell you for certain, their drinks are nothing short of amazing! The wall behind the bar, has a strip of the blue theme colour to further complement the dull colours of the wood.

The outdoor sitting area is pretty extensive. In fact, there is a kids play area, a normal sitting area and a section for smoking diners.

The furniture comprises the famous sisal woven garden chairs with unique, flower-patterned cushions, and the sturdy wooden tables. Green potted plants give this area the pop of colour it needs to look vibrant, with the view complementing the simplicity of the setting.

As much as the setting of this restaurant is pretty simple, they have thoroughly made up for it in the food! Stay tuned for the food review! Make sure you subscribe below with your e-mail address to be notified once it goes up!

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