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How many people follow KULANINI

We have a total of 5,500 followers & subscribers. We are on social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook). Readers also subscribe to Kulanini articles through email subscription. Click here to subscribe.

How many articles have we posted

We have posted over 100 articles. Browse them here. 

What is the highest & lowest view count on an article

Highest is 8,000  and Lowest is 1,000 . Both these figures are over a 6 month period. These numbers always increase further with more time as we never take down our articles. For example, the post with 7,000 views in 6 months, now has 18,000 views as I write this and probably has more as you read this! 

On average, how many views does an article get

Our articles receive about 2500 views in the first 6 months. The number then increases with time.

How many people visit Kulanini daily, weekly & monthly

On average, we get 400 visitors daily, 5,000 weekly and 10,000 monthly.



Kulanini is a one-woman show. At least for now. My name is Aura Kidero. I am a chemist by degree and content creator by passion. On this platform, I am the writer, photographer, admin, editor, consultant and so much more. I fulfill all roles encompassed in this site. With time, I hope to share my passion with other talented Kenyans through collaborations and partnerships to actualize my Kulanini dream.

Do we do this full time

No. I started Kulanini while still in university. Therefore, I have always balanced it with my studies.

How long have we been doing this

 We began in April 2017 and now have over 3 years worth of experience under our belts.

What is the Kulanini Client-Customer base

Being a small company, we are constantly looking for ways to expand and diversify our client base. In our three years, we have created and maintained over 1,000 customer & client accounts. This comprises of restaurants, manufacturers, individuals, cafes, bakeries, hotels, food vendors etc.

What do we USE to shoot & edit

I started shooting with a Samsung Galaxy J7 phone and now shoot with Samsung Galaxy A71. I use Lightroom & VSCO to edit and watermark my images with Visual Watermark 6.0.

Who made the website

I did. When I started, I couldn’t afford a web developer so I decided to do it myself. I began by writing on the Wordpress free site (kulanini.wordpress.com) where I learnt all about websites, blogs etc, When I felt confident enough in the blog and my skills, I decided to purchase my own domain (kulanini.org). I did this through Inmotion hosting and continue to host the site with them. I also used Visual Composer web builder to help with the site aesthetics. I would definitely recommend this Inmotion, Wordpress and Visual Composercombination for anyone looking for such services. In addition to this, we have the 'Find Restaurant' feature is by LSCF by Pixolette. 

Why do I keep saying ‘We’

In as much as I work alone, I think ‘we’ sounds much better than ‘I’. Besides, I hope to have a team someday so I am projecting.


What makes Kulanini special

The personalization & permanence our organization offers. All our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients/customers. Articles for example are never taken down so clients continue to benefit way after the marketing campaigns are done.

Our customers on the other hand, enjoy raw, un-biased and extremely detailed content (reviews). Take a look here. Their needs are also heard and met.

What has been the most challenging season for Kulanini

I think 2019 was tough because school work got very busy. This made my Kulanini passion suffer quite a bit. During this time, I also fell into the trap of ‘Forgetting my Why’. This meant that instead of enjoying my passion, I was busy trying to benefit from the blog. Moving forward, I am determined to focus on the passion that made me start and let the benefits/rewards follow afterward. Enjoying what I do is second to none.

What has been the most rewarding season for Kulanini

I would say 2018. Kulanini was awarded the 2nd Best Food Blog of the year 2018 by B.A.K.E (Bloggers Association of Kenya). In addition to this, I made contacts with several of my current clients & fellow bloggers. Kulanini got more visibility hence made the most during this time. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and hope I get many such as these in the coming years.




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‘Kulanini’ directly translates to “ what to eat? ” in Swahili.


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